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Managing Director

Kevin P. Weller supported Vanderbilt University Flow Cytometry for 5 years serving as the Applications Scientist for both reagents and instrumentation from BD Biosciences prior to joining Vanderbilt . He is experienced with most aspects of flow cytometric cell analysis, cell sorting, experimental design, and troubleshooting. He has assisted many researchers at Vanderbilt in developing their research and has played a significant role in growing the science of Flow Cytometry at Vanderbilt.

Before working for BD Biosciences Kevin had a myriad of roles at the University of Illinois at Chicago including Flow Cytometry Core Manager, Clinical Coordinator and Project Manager for a multi-national study investigating fetal cells in maternal blood as well as being a part-time graduate student. Prior to that he worked at BD Immunocytometry Systems (BDIS) in R&D developing flow cytometry based applications. Before working at BDIS he was at Systemix Inc. doing stem cell research and working in a Phase II multiple myeloma clinical trial involving processing and sorting of massive blood products by flow cytometry for later infusion back into patients. Kevins initial experience in science was at his alma matter, Montana State University, where he worked on a xenogeneic cell homing model that tracked cells specifically homing to various tissues using flow cytometry.

Lab Manager

David Flaherty has been with the lab for over 5 years now and is an exceptional cytometrist in every regard. Before joining Vanderbilt David worked for 3 years on multiparameter flow cytometry research projects at The Ohio State University. In Dr. Joanne Turners laboratory he focused his research on murine host mediated immunological response to M. tuberculosis infection. His research has included looking at activated T cells and macrophages from the lungs and lymph nodes of infected mice.

Core Research Assistant III

Brittany Matlock joined the lab after receiving her degree from Lipscomb University in Biochemistry and has been with the lab for eight years. Brittany can assist scientists in assay development and troubleshooting and is especially adept with cell cycle/DNA assays.

Core Research Assistant I

Christian Warren recently graduated from Murray State. He has excelled in his new role and rapidly learned the instrumentation and software and is a growing asset to our team.

Scientific Director

James E. Crowe, Jr., M.D. Professor of Pediatrics, Microbiology and Immunology, Ingram Professor of Cancer Research, Core Director. Dr. Crowe founded the Vanderbilt Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Resource in the spring of 2003 and has directed the development and activity of the resource continuously since that time. His laboratory conducts basic research in immunology and cell biology.