5 Laser LSRII

17 Fluorochromes

    The 5-laser BD LSRII is a custom instrument capable of running 17 different fluorochromes simultaneously.  It is configured with:  355 nm laser, 405 nm laser, 488 nm laser, 535 nm laser,  and a 633 nm laser.  The UV laser makes this instrument the platform of choice for assays like side population analysis or calcium flux by Indo-1.  Investigators commonly run the many violet dyes and Quantum Dots that are available off of the eight PMT configured violet laser.  The blue laser is used for measurement of FITC/GFP and side scatter.  The green laser is particularly well suited for measurement of PI, PerCP, PE and PE tandem dyes.  The red laser is configured with three PMTs for measurement of dyes such as APC, APC-Cy7, and Alexa-700.  This instrument also is configured with a 96-well plate loader for high-throughput applications.