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Maria Golson

Selected Publications

Conyers, GA

Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from University of Pennsylvania
B.S. in Biology with concentration in Genetics from Duke University                  

Research Topic:

 FoxM1, a transcription factor that promotes cell cycle progression, is expressed exclusively in proliferating cells. Murine FoxM1 is required for postnatal beta cell expansion and beta cell proliferation after partial pancreatectomy and during pregnancy.


 In both rodents and humans, the capacity of beta cell replication diminishes with age. This reduction correlates with a decrease in Foxm1 expression. To determine whether increased FoxM1 activity can rejuvenate the replicative potential of beta cells, I am generating transgenic mice that express an inducible, hypermorphic form of FoxM1 in the beta cell. To investigate the factors that are expressed differentially in proliferating beta cells compared to quiescent beta cells, I am deriving a mouse that expresses an RFP-tagged version of FoxM1 within the endogenous Foxm1 locus. These mice will be crossed to MIP-GFP mice, and doubly fluorescent (proliferating beta cells) as well as green fluorescent cells (non-proliferating beta cells) will be isolated by FACS. RNA from both populations will be analyzed by microarray.








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