Forever in My Heart Jewelry

 Forever Heart Jewelry - open locket, insert charms and snap closed.

Easy as 123
Open a locket, Insert your charms
Snap closed

different shaped heart lockets

Charms fit inside the Heart Locket for a unique, personalized necklace.
Forever in My Heart makes a great gift
for mom, grandma, or that special woman in your life.

heart bracelet, key chain and round locket

Charms come in almost any imaginable theme,
including flags, breast cancer awareness ribbons,
flowers, initials and other topics.

round lockets with charms

The charms include Swarovski crystal birthstones.
Birthstones come in Heart or Round Shape.
Birthstone Brats come in Boy or Girl.

birthstone brats, boy and girl shapes

Charms are sold separately.