History & Heraldry

History & Heraldry

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The History & Heraldry trademark has become synonymous the world over with quality, creativity and value for money.  In just ten short years History & Heraldry have become renowned for their best-selling sentiment and personalised products and are a leader in the personalised gift market.

plaque and candle holderplaque and candle holder, plaque holder

Nuts About Work & Zipperpals & Keyrings & Mugs

Nuts About Work, Zipperpals, keyrings and mugs

 Nuts about work mugs

The cute little nut characters are styled in a whole variety of occupations from Doctor to Bus Driver... so there's a nut for everyone.  We also have Zipperpals little keyrings attach to a wide variety of zippers, from clothing to backpacks, and mix bright colors with characters that are sure to bring a smile.

zipperpals, keyrings and colorful mugs