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Foreign Visitors

The survey below is used to assist with the export compliance analysis. Submit your completed survey no later than 10 business days prior to the foreign national's visit.

**Preferably this step would be completed prior to extending an invitation, so as not to have to rescind the offer should the request not be approved.**

Keep a copy of all completed documents for five (5) years past the last date of the visit.

When you are expecting a foreign visitor (colleagues, students, etc.) at your department, office, lab, etc., it is important to take into consideration what their country of nationality is, where they will be going while at Vanderbilt, and what research data and/or type of technology or information they will have access to during their visit.

Questions to consider (not exhaustive):

  • Is the country the individual is from a sanctioned country, etc.?

  • Is the individual, entity, or organization they represent listed on any of the denied persons lists (DPLs)?

  • Is the research or any of the associated technology, lab equipment, etc. export-controlled?
  • Is the research or any of the associated technology proprietary in nature?
  • Is the individual an employee of a foreign owned company, a subsidiary, or US branch of a foreign company?

Visitor Preparation Guidance

VUMC EC highly recommends that you, as the Host, should provide advanced notification to all relevant departments and individuals of the visitor(s) pending presence to ensure the workspace and any potentially export-controlled information/items, etc. are secured appropriately - prior to the visit. Certain situations may require a license from the federal government before a visitor may see a lab, research results, etc.

Contact VUMC EC for assistance with screening an entity or individual against the Denied Persons Lists (DPLs). VUMC EC will provide a copy of the search records to you upon request. You should keep these results with the project file for five (5) years past the last date of activity on the project.

In preparation for a foreign national's visit to VUMC, contact the VUMC International Tax Office (ITO) for assistance. ITO will provide a questionnaire for the visitor to complete, if necessary. Please allow sufficient time for processing. To view the questionnaire, please contact ITO at