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License Exemption and DEA

Medical License

In accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated Section 63-6-207(d)(2), the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners will exempt persons from the requirement of a Tennessee Medical License while participating in an accredited clinical training program in the state of Tennessee.  The Office of Graduate Medical Education will request and maintain the records of this exemption. However, a full medical license is required for moonlighting and for Clinical Fellows entering a non-ACGME fellowship with a secondary faculty appointment. 

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Registration Numbers

While in training under this exemption of license you will use the institutional DEA number with an identifying suffix.  All physicians must include an identifying number on prescriptions forms when prescribing narcotic drugs and certain other non-narcotic controlled drugs. Verify that each prescription is signed legibly.  Current, active House Staff can find the institutional DEA and their identifying suffix on the House Staff Portal.


House Staff with Personal DEA Numbers

House Staff who have an unexpired valid personal DEA number AND an active full Tennessee Medical License should use their personal DEA number on all prescriptions.  Provide GME a copy of your DEA certificate to have your personal DEA number loaded in RxStar prescribing system.