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Many surgery residencies emphasize training of fellows and specialists, rather than focusing on residents. Vanderbilt gives residents ample opportunities to operate.  The surgeons who finish this program are known around the country to be technically excellent and extremely confident in their abilities.  Also, I’m thankful that I have had the privilege of interacting with Vanderbilt residents and faculty who have a passion for international health. They have given me advice and directed me to resources that have increased my exposure to career paths within international health. I have been privileged to have surgical mentors who have been advocates and have given me critical advice on how to make the most of my residency training.

Rachel Idowu, MD
Fellow, Vanderbilt Critical Care Anesthesia
University of California San Francisco School of Medicine

I rotated here during my fourth year of medical school and was impressed with Vanderbilt’s electronic medical record and the computer-based order entry system.  I had very positive interactions with my residents and my attending, and established relationships with attendings in subspecialties who are willing to offer guidance and advice, should I decide to apply for subspecialty training or enter into clinical research. Plus, Nashville is a growing city with plenty to offer outside the hospital. By having the opportunity to take care of some of the sickest patients in this region, I will leave here with the confidence to practice medicine anywhere.

Nikki Patrice Harrison, MD
Resident, VanderbiltInternal Medicine
Louisiana State University School of Medicine

Vanderbilt promotes the development of residents into physician scientists, and the presence of physician scientists has provided excellent mentorship and role models as I develop my career. The residency program at Vanderbilt has provided outstanding clinical training for me, as well. I have enjoyed patient interaction and have the ability to connect to patients from a variety of backgrounds, since I am bilingual and bicultural. I aspire to become a cancer investigator, and Vanderbilt has made my dream a reality: I have accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at Emory University, where I will conduct basic/translational research in my own independent laboratory.

Roberto Diaz, MD
Chief Resident, Vanderbilt Radiation Oncology
New York University School of Medicine