PC/PD Documents and Tools

These forms and instructions are in alphabetical order. If you have any suggestions, let the GME Office know at gme.office@vanderbilt.edu.

Program Coordinators, you will find the Program Coordinator Manual to be a helpful reference.

Advancement Form




Confidentiality/HIPAA Agreements
Elective Away Rotations
Exit Info for House Staff

House Staff Agreement/Contract

House Staff Manual (Policies and Instructions)
Internal Reviews

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) in House Staff Programs

Interviewees for Residency/Fellowship Positions
Liability/Malpractice Request for Fellows
Leave for House Staff (medical, parental, military)


Program Letters of Agreement (PLA)

  • These were formerly called Memorandums of Understanding - Now PLAs
  • The PLA addresses GME responsibilities between an individual accredited program and a site other than the sponsoring institution at which residents receive a required or elective part of their education. (more details in the Program Coordinators' Manual)
  • Letter of Agreement template


New Innovations

NPI Numbers


Photo Release Form

  • The GME office provides black zipper bags with a Newcomers Guide for use during your recruitment season. Contact Lisa King to set up a time to pick up these materials. (This is optional. You are also free to use your own recruiting materials.)
  • A copy of each of these documents is required to be distributed to all recruits (they are also included in the black zipper bags from GME):
Resuscitation Training

SecurID Tokens



Visiting Residents/Fellows