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Frequently Asked Questions

All Applicants

What constitutes a complete application?

A complete application includes the following: Medical School Transcript, Medical School Performance Evaluation (Dean's Letter), three letters of recommendation (no Chair LOR required), USMLE transcript, ECFMG Certificate (if applicable), and a Personal Statement.

Do you require the Customized Personal statement?

 We are not requiring a customized personal statement, but we are happy to consider them.

How do I submit my application?

We accept applications through the ERAS system only.

When is your application deadline?

Application deadline is October 10th.

Do you have a minimum required USMLE score?

Our review committee takes the applicant as a whole into consideration. Therefore, there are no minimum required scores.

Which dates will you be conducting interviews this season?

We have four interview dates that are being offered this year - November 17th and 28th and December 12th and 15th.

Do you recommend any particular place of lodging for the interview weekends?

There are several hotels within the immediate vicinity of Vanderbilt. We do not recommend nor endorse any specific lodgings. We do recommend, however, that you ask for any specials that are being run for the interview weekends. There are a few area hotels that will discount your rates.

International Medical Graduates

Does your program require previous US clinical experience?

No previous US clinical experience is required to apply to the program.

Does your program have a medical school graduation cut off date?

There is no minimum/maximum number of years from medical school graduation date requirement.

What are the visa options for the program?

Depending on the position applied for and the department's decision to hire, one may qualify for a H-1B or J-1 visa. The Vanderbilt International Services and International Tax (VISIT) office handles the H-1B visa applications. The Graduate Medical Education (GME) office handles the J-1 visa applications.

ECFMG Certification

Applicants should be ECFMG certified by the application deadline (October 10th).