Hour by hour, across the Medical Center, each one of us makes the difference between a safe or unsafe environment. Annual safety and competency requirements prompt us to focus on ways we can keep the Medical Center and our patients safe.

Spring Session:

WEDNESDAY, April 26, 2017 & THURSDAY, April 27, 2017

Location: Langford Auditorium


*Check-in ends at 5pm

Summer Session:

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 & Thursday, May 25, 2017

Location: Langford Auditorium


*Check-in ends at 5pm

Occupational Health will be available both days during HOCS hours of operation.

Restraints will be offered during all Hands On: Clinical Safety sessions in even years. The next sessions will be in 2018.

Attendance at Hands On: Clinical Safety is considered work time. Children should not accompany staff to this event.

Point-of-Care Testing is no longer offered at Hands On: Clinical Safety.POC Proficiency Testing is now offered on the first Tuesday of each month. For more information, click here.

The Universal Training Stations are not available at Hands On: Clinical Safety and are only available ONLINE. Please be sure totake note of what stations will be present at Hands On: Clinical Safety prior to your arrival.

Stations available at the 2017 Hands On: Clinical Safety sessions are:

  • Occupational Health Clinic "Compliance Quickies" - ALL occupational health requirements (not just TB tests and vaccines) must be up-to-date, and compliance feeds directly into Vanderbilt Performance Evaluation System (VPES). Stop by from 7-11am and 1-5pm both days. Be sure to check your Occupational Health Status by logging into the Health and Wellness Information Portal. If you miss the Hands On: Clinical Safety event, visit the OHC Calendar of Events to find locations to get the services you need.
  • Mock Code/ Stat - Sessions begin on the hour and half-hour, i.e. 0700 and 0730. Last session will begin at 1700. Sessions last 1 hour.
  • Blood Administration -Sessions begin around the quarter-hour, i.e. 0715 and 0745, as part of, or at the end of, MOCK CODE. Last sesion will begin at 1715. Sessions last 10 minutes.
  • N-95 Respirator Fit Testing - Sessions begin on the quarter-hour, i.e. 0715 and 0745. Last session will begin at 1715. You will need to download the Particulate Respirator Approval form and bring the completed form with you before you can be fitted. Copies will be available at Hands On: Clinical Safety, but you will need to complete the form before entering the Fit-Testing room.
  • Health Plus "Know Your Numbers" - Come by to measure blood pressure, weight and body mass index. These numbers can be used on your yearly Health Risk Assessment and compared throughout the year for changes.

Bring your ID badge to swipe when you finish a station.

The following Universal Stations will NOT be offered at Hands On: Clinical Safety sessions. They are ONLY available online.

  • Fire Safety & Emergency Preparedness / Hazard Communication
  • Personal Safety / Accident & Injury Prevention
  • Ergonomics (Back Safety)
  • Infection Control / Bloodborne Pathogens / Hand Hygiene / Tuberculosis Precautions

Computers will be available for you to complete your ONLINE training requirements if you wish to do so at Hands On: Clinical Safety. If you are not sure which requirements you need to complete, ask your supervisor.

Please log into the Health and Wellness Information Portal at: https://myhealthandwellness.vanderbilt.edu/
prior to coming to Hands On: Clinical Safety to see if you are up to date on immunizations and screenings. This may save you waiting time.

If you went through Medical Center Orientation (It's Who We Are and Hearts & Minds) after July 1, 2016, you do not need to complete annual requirements at Hands On: Clinical Safety or Online Education Requirements.

“Hands on Clinical Safety does not offer Pediatric Specific Mock Code and/or Pediatric Specific Blood Administration. To meet these requirements, please visit Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt Competency & Compliance Website.”


Licensed personnel must maintain current licensure and all required job specific certifications; i.e. BLS, ACLS, etc.

You also must be in full compliance with Medical Center policies and regulations.

Hands On: Clinical Safety Printable Flyers & Posters