Correct labeling of specimens for labratory processing is a key element of patient safety. Mislabeled specimens can cause a delay in lab results which directly impacts the care of the patient and the workflow of the healthcare team.

This website will not only outline the labeling process, but it will also introduce and describe the different types of labels required for labratory specimens as well as providing general information in regard to labeling specimens.

Inpatient Positive Patient Identification: Labeling Process Workflow

The provider orders the test(s) within eStar. The clinician who will obtain the specimen from the patient does the following:

  1. Prints label(s)
  2. Scans the patient's armband
  3. Collects the lab specimen
  4. Scans the specimen label
  5. Correctly attaches the label to the correct specimen before while the specimen is in the room
  6. Completes the collection task within eStar
  7. Sends labeled specimen(s) to the lab

The lab will then process and result the specimen(s) and providers will receive results. Turnaround times will increase if the process is not done correctly,

Lab Resource

For any questions in regard to the collection of labratory specimens please call the lab at 5LABS (5-5227).