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Managed Print Moves Forward

Printer servicing and supplies are running fairly smoothly throught the Pegasus/Auxilio system.  (We are aware of some issues with late toner delivery, and Auxilio is working with the toner vendors on this.)  Going forward, Hewlett-Packard has been named as hardware supplier for new printer installations.  VUMC is now moving into the next operational phase, which will start to bring copiers/faxes/multifunction units into the program.

Auxilio has designated Canon Solutions America as the hardware supplier for copiers and multifunction devices.  Canon is one of our SmartPrinting vendors, and in fact has a history with VUMC that goes back into the 1980s.  Many staffers may recall seeing equipment under their past corporate brands of Pitney Bowes, Imagistics and Océ.  Our longtime sales representative, Mark Choate, who has served our account through all these changes for many years, will still be involved.

We have for some time been putting off replacements of our SmartPrinting devices when possible, so as to have a group with expired contracts to convert when managed print was ready.  We are now at that point.

Starting on June 12, Canon and Auxilio cooperated to visit all our areas that have expired copiers to assess their exact needs preparatory to installing new equipment.  Analysis of the data gathered is now in progress.

Tagging and inventorying of equipment will still continue at a slower place, as we discover units that were overlooked in the initial survey.  Please note also that printers in research areas are not included in this program, and that all SmartPrinting machines will continue to use the SmartPrinting web page for service and supplies.

Billing has now begun, via per-click charges applied to printers.  For details on the chargeback process, please see our FAQ page, question #21.
As VUMC moves toward full implementation of the program, additional updates will appear here and be distributed by several other means.  We look forward to working with all our departments to streamline and improve our printing process.

Please check our FAQs and other links to the left for more information.

Sample Auxilio Label:
Sample Auxilio Label