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VUMC Project Manager - Frank Ashe

CynergisTek Corporate Page - get better acquainted with our partner

Pegasus Ticketing System - place a service or supply call for CynergesTek/Auxilio units

SmartPrinting Site - access services on your SmartPrinting unit

VU Managed Print Program - separate from ours, but pursuing the same objectives

Managed Print Machine Lookup Page - use the AB# from your machine label or budget report to look up your machine

Department Entry Page - quick access to all our sites

Escalate an Open Issue - if your Managed Print issue has not received sufficient attention, send a notice to the Ctek and VUMC staff. Please note: This escalation is only for use if your Pegasus request has not received timely attention.



Phase IV of the CynergisTek (Ctek) copier refresh project is now in process.  If your equipment is scheduled for replacement, you have seen or will see the Ctek assessors to view the existing unit(s) and consult with you on your needs.  As has been done previously, announcements will be made before replacements start, and old equipment will be tagged beforehand.


To gain our best cost savings, we are strongly encouraging the acquisition of toner for Ctek-supported equipment via the Pegasus ticketing process.  This is a benefit calculated into our per-click cost for the program, so it makes sense to take advantage of it as opposed to paying separately through e-procurement.  Ctek has built up a substantial toner stock here on campus and is able to deliver most orders quickly.  For instructions on how to access services via Pegasus, please see the link at the upper left of this page.  (Note, though, that if you still have legacy machines through SmartPrinting, or under service contract with a local vendor, please continue to follow existing procedures until those are removed.)

Should you have any questions about the project or require additional information, please contact the following:

Primary Secondary
Daniel Castro Yerik Gonzalez
MDS Regional Director

Service Manager



Tagging and inventorying of equipment will still continue as needed, as we discover units that were overlooked in the initial survey. 


Chargebacks are now running for all parts of the program.  For details on the chargeback procedures, please see our FAQ page, question #21, or click to download the PDF flyer from the links at upper left of this page.

As VUMC moves toward full implementation of the program, additional updates will appear here and be distributed by several other means.  We look forward to working with all our departments to streamline and improve our printing processes.

Please check our FAQs and other links to the left for more information.

Sample Auxilio/CynergisTek Label:
Sample Auxilio Label

Last Updated:  9/26/2018

CynergisTek/Auxilio Copier Refresh - Phase IV of the fleet refresh progress will be ongoing into the first part of 2019. Preparations for Phase V will begin towards the spring.