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The refresh of our copier fleet will begin in the first week of October.  We will begin with replacement of about 200 or so expired SmartPrinting machines.  This first phase should take about a month.

Departments involved will already have had multiple contacts with CyergisTek/Auxilio and possibly also Canon, and will be contacted again when their replacement date is firm.  Training will be provided to each area receiving a new unit.  We will be liaising with VUMC IT as needed, and care has been taken to avoid any conflicts with EpicLeap preparations.

During this process CynergisTek/Auxilio will also be rounding with other areas that have expressed a need for new equipment for new activities or other purposes, to assess those needs and develop a plan for further installs.

Bear in mind that if your machine is past its contract expiration and is not yet slated for replacement, there is nothing for you to do.  Existing machines continue on a month-to-month basis on the same terms until removed.


Printer service and supply requests are running through the Pegasus system.  The local CynergisTek/Auxilio staff have now assumed responsibility for all Managed Print toner deliveries, and this should eliminate any delays attributable to delivery by third-party vendors. 

Tagging and inventorying of equipment will still continue at a slower place, as we discover units that were overlooked in the initial survey. 

Billing has now begun, via per-click charges applied to existing printers.  (Please note that printers in research areas are not included in this process.)  For details on the chargeback procedures, please see our FAQ page, question #21, or click to download the PDF flyer from the links at upper left of this page.

As VUMC moves toward full implementation of the program, additional updates will appear here and be distributed by several other means.  We look forward to working with all our departments to streamline and improve our printing processes.

Please check our FAQs and other links to the left for more information.

Sample Auxilio Label:
Sample Auxilio Label

Last Updated:  10/18/2017

CynergisTek/Auxilio continues replacing expired SmartPrinting machines during October. This first phase will take most of the month. The onsite CynergisTek staff will be contacting the affected departments directly.