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 Evernote, how we love thee.  Clip web notes, share notebooks and replace your hippocampus entirely with this great app. Oh, and did we mention its free?

Google Founder Sergey Brin's Quest to Increase Bioinformatic Processing of Neurodegenerative Disease Genes.  Excellent Wired article here.


You keep saying that word, protocols. I don't think it means what you think it means...

"You keep using that word....protocols. I don't think it means what you think it means"

General Guidelines

We have provided many of our most commonly used protocols as a resource to those who wish to confirm our results or expand on our published work. We make every effort to post the most up-to-date information possible. If you are working on a particular technique and have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will make every effort to put you in touch with a team member who may be working with the method currently. 

Know that an informed decision on your part to modify a protocol from what is our current lab practice means you will face certain tragic scientific defeat, or at least a lack of assistance from us and a snarky response to inquires, as we aren't in the business of reinventing wheels. We leave that to Firestone, and they seem to be having enough problems.  

Now enjoy a protocol or two thousand on us. 

do it the right way


New member orientation

All new members of the team are expected to ensure they are compliant with VUMC policies for safety, animal handling, human specimen work and that they have a full understanding of of lab maintenance and business policies. For more information, be sure you check the McLaughlin Lab Guidelines.

Western Blot Information

Western Protocol for more background and Amy version here
Protein Harvest and more thoughts here

Cell Culture

Primary Cultures

Using hemocytometers here
and caveots here
Neuronal Amaxa Transfections that will blow your socks off

Cell Lines

Splitting Cells also cute video from Gibco on splitting here
Metafectine Transfection
Stable Transfection - From Rick "we love him!" Morimoto's Lab many good protocols there.

Biochemical Assays

ATP/ADP Assays w large protein volumes
"Hypoxia Red" Staining (be sure you read Britney's paper, because it's redox sensitive, not hypoxia)

In Vivo

Molecular Biology
Protein Chemistry
Cell Fractionation of Primary Cultures
Biotin Hydrazide and Oxidized Proteins and in gel peptide digest/extraction for MS Prep

Documentation and Imaging

Kohler Alignment of Microscopes
NEW: Hypoxia Red Staining Note: "Magic Red" or "Hypoxia-Red" staining is not a measure of hypoxic status. See our paper here.

The Really Important Things

Julie's Chocolate Chip Cookie Protocol

Autophagy Protocols

 Dan Klionsky, you crazy super genius mildly grumpy dude.....we worship you! And having a protocol site just for those of us who love 'self eating' on the Autophagy journal site is fabulous. Check out the protocols here.  

These are protocols we have stolen from other folks and adapted them in some way shape or form but aren't techniques we use on a regular basis. We like these links for their background, troubleshooting or pretty colors. 

Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts Amy liked this one from the Fero Lab as she developed a way to culture CHIP -/- cells. 

The Dissection Video

Neuronal dissection videos are available from companies like Stem Cell Technology

From this demo, you can get a sense of the prep though.



We support the excellent position statement of the Society for Neuroscience on the ethical and humane use of animals in lifesaving medical research.  Find out more here