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Asking timely topics and getting expert opinion on autism, the Marino Foundation has created Autube as an online dialogue for parents, professionals and media. 

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Celebs LOVE Us

Dan 'Sugar' Marino Shares a Laugh with the Lab

Spring brought many special guests to our group including NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Marino and his smart and witty wife Claire to the campus as a part of the conference of Autism and Environmental Etiology chaired by Dr. McLaughlihn and run in collaboration by the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.  Due to his endearing personality, Dan quicky adapted to the southern nick name 'Sugar' and was a great sport about learning more about ongoing lab research in injury, stress signaling and how we might use tools we have developed to understand autism.

Pictured from left to right: Jacquelynn Brown, Erik Musiek, Jeannette Stankowski, BethAnn McLaughin, Dan Marino, Stephanie Hayden, Pete Vollbrecht and Josh Brooks. 





Garry Allan Consults on Chaperone Function with Jeannette and BethAnn

Okay, not really, but Gary has been a great friend to the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center participating in our annual music camp for folks with developmental disabilities.  He's an amazing talent and a great guy for sharing his love of music with kids at this unforgettable event

God Loves Us Too

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