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The Boss, Cozette and a Buddy depicted at the 2012 PD SymposiumPD Cartoon

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"I made a new rhyming rap, boss....

I have a lot of liters

So they call me big beakers!" - Dominque 8/26/16

"That doesn't rhyme" -Boss


"The brain is a diva" -- Rohan 1/27/15 Lab meeting introduction


"I'm very good at karate" -Rohan

"Oh, I'll have to remember that!" -Boss

Rohan: "You should"


"Boss, does this hanging stick figure you drew in the margins of my thesis proposal mean anything?" - Britney Lizama Manibusan catching The Boss in a poorly choosen doodle.

"We don't cry all the time" -- Amy Palubinsky to speaker Caryl Sortwell, who she then tried to impale with a pen.

"Thank you for making me cry, Boss" Britney Lizama on learning deadlines are not negotiable with SfN.

"You can tell me you can't do something because you're too busy, but don't tell me you didn't do something you were suppose to". - The Boss

"Cozette, most 8 year olds don't drink coffee." The Boss in response to Cozette's beverage choice of a coffee-based Frappicino for Amelia.

Amelia Stanwood (age 8) "Mommy, please give these cards to your lab to let them know that even though you spank them, you still love them". "Amelia, I don't spank people in my lab". Jaw drops open. "Really?! Not even Jake?!"

Amelia walks into lab and sees Jake texting, "Jake," she says, "Mommy doesn't pay you to text." Jake laughs. "You're right." he says. "I should introduce myself. My name is Jake." Amelia shrugs and says, "Yeah, I know who you are, mommy yells about you all the time."

"Oh, things are going great. I mean, I've decided your lab is cursed, but other than that, it's totally fun!" Lauren Mitchell upon finishing her fall rotation.

Sunday Abrira, MRB IIIer and want-to-be stalker, "Dr. McLaughlin, you are like cocaine to my soul."

Colin Stanwood (age 9) when asked what questions we should ask new undergrads we were interviewing for a lab job says, "Just stick them in a room with Jeannette and see how they do."

Amelia Stanwood (age 7) to lab newbie Amy Kleman after talking to her for two minutes, "Do you come from a very odd family?"

Jeannette Stankowski to Amy Kleman after slipping on the elevator floor, "I wish they wouldn't boner the floor so much." "Do I mean buff the floor?" We hope so.

Stephanie Zeiger, attempting to make the boss feel better about dreading flying, "We kind of need you to stay alive...." (only kind of?)

Jeannette Stanowski, mentor to high schoolers and part-time stalker: Said in the 8th Floor Bathroom as Group of Strangers Passby: "Don't worry Dr. McLaughlin....I will explore your clothes with you"

Jake Martin, undergraduate and devote liberal, in a discussion on kidnapping US Citizens by Somali pirates...."You know, the thing is, those pirates have some legitimate grievances."

Hikers in the woods @ Radnor Lake (insert thick Germish accent), "Mother, we must keep going, we are GERMAN".

Jake Martin, after getting into the fashion issue of the Vanderbilt student newspaper, "Well, now that I have figured out that I can make money off my body...."

Chris Svitek (honorary lab mention) to the boss on the elevator, "Well don't you look like a beauty queen!" Boss looks perplexed down at her jeans and fleece. "Oh, no. You still have the same dumpy old clothes, but you are so skinny!" Thanks?

Stephanie Zeiger, feeling a little stressed on things beyond her control...."This is MY ice bucket! I'm in charge of it. I control its destiny! I like that." One minute later....."ummm, has anyone seen my ice bucket?"

And after a round of morphine in the ER....Bossmeister to Jeannette, "Oh no....someone scratched your car!" Boss frantically rubs perceived scrape. "No, boss, I think that's bird poop" Boss sticks finger in mouth, "doesn't taste like bird poop....".

Mistakes happen.....just not here. Jake comes heads down the hall after getting reamed by Jeannette for leaving reagents out all night. "I'm so sorry!" he says, "I feel like such an idiot!" Ever ready to comfort him she screams, "You ARE such an idiot!!". And thus, a new generation of evil overlords was born.

"I hate being called OCD. The letters aren't in alphabetical order and they call it a DISorder. I'm all about order" -- Samara.


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