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I know!  It's a great site you want to know how on Earth can you can learn more about joining this amazing lab. 

Vanderbilt Undergraduates -

Jobs - These are hard to come by and when we do hire, we are looking for folks who can work 10-15h/week while rocking out at 3.4 GPA.  All of our student workers must have a Federal Workstudy Award and are typically hired at the fall Work Study Job Fair. 

Research - Dr. McLaughlin is an Independent study mentor for the neuroscience program where students can work in lab for research credit.  Students who are interested in working in the lab are encouraged to talk with us as early as their sophomore year to join our research forums and journal clubs as means to determine if this is a good match for your skills and our program.  This vetting process allows us to get folks who are intensely motivated to spend a semester or two doing NURO 291/292 lab time and then Honors work. 

Clinical - Vanderbilt Medical School has consolidated the clinical shadowing program and those interested in working with the Neurostroke division or our Neurosurgery colleagues should contact Vanderbilt Clinical Research Connect.

Summer Internships - We only take undergraduate students who are formally a part of the Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy program. 


Medical Students

The McLaughlin lab takes students who are part of the basic science Emphasis Program.  Initial inquiries should be made directly to the boss

Graduate Students

Graduate students are accepted to Vanderbilt through the Indisciplinary Graduate Program or via direct application to programs thru home departments.  Students interested in our research are encouraged to apply to these programs and identify the McLaughlin lab in their essay and correspondence with the graduate groups.  Dr. McLaughlin is mentor to students who are in the Neuroscience and Pharmacology graduate groups.  Our lab does not independently sponsor applications from US or international students who are not a part of one of these programs.

Professional Athletes, Musicians and Models

Our lab specializes in handling the tragedy that often accompanies the double indignity of extreme wealth and fabulous good looks.  Those interested in participating in all inclusive geek-makeover program are encouraged to directly contact the boss.  While this program is extremely time intensive and costly, the confidence that comes from knowing that you can speak with ease at any social event about PINK mediated mitophagy and if those pathways are relevant to ischemic injuries is absolutely worth it.  We understand your problems and are here for you.  Admitting you need help is the first step, so call now.

Mailing and Phone Information

Email addresses:

BethAnn McLaughlin, Ph.D.

Amy Kleman Palubinsky

Britney Lizama Manibusan

The Lab is located in MRB III on the Vanderbilt Medical Campus, on the corner of Edgehill and 21st Avenues.

Google Map:

Campus Map:

Mailing Address:

Vanderbilt University
Department of Neurology
MRB III Room 8110
465 21st Avenue
Nashville TN 37232-8548
Phone: (615) 936-5548 (lab)
Fax: (615) 936-3747

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Vanderbilt has an history of mentoring including the Women on Track program.  Dr. McLaughlin also works as a mentor for the Society for Neuroscience.  Find out more here.

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