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Google Founder Sergey Brin's Quest to Increase Bioinformatic Processing of Neurodegenerative Disease Genes.  Excellent Wired article here.

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The Interview

BethAnn McLaughlin's 2014 JAMA interview on the future of science funding is right here.

Its 2015!

We are loving 2015 in the McLaughlin lab. Two papers accepted already and we are wrapping it up and heading to the beach for the next 11 months. JUST KIDDING (especially if you are on study section!). We are totally working hard. Harder than everyone else. Ever. All the people. Amy and Jeannette's badass paper in Antioxidants and Redox Signaling is knocking it out of the park and bring forward awesome new collaborators like Mark Cookson, Brian Polsner and Ryan Gosling. Or, you know, two of those three. Mark has some awesome LRKK PD interests and Brian is tremendous at playing with bioenergetics so we're looking forward to great things. 

Oh, and did we mention Britney is the King of the Lab. And she looks Fabulous.

A January 2014 Article in the NYTimes claims campus is in denial about the impact of the felony sexual conviction of former members of the football team. Dr McLaughlin's Opinion piece in response can be found HERE


Summer and Fall 2014

wallace and kathrynWe had a wildly productive summer and have the pictures to prove it! We had the pleasure of being chosen by ubber-scholar, Kathryn Hook, the Middle TN Society for Neuroscience's choice for a a summer project.  Kathryrn worked with our buddies in in the Liebler lab to identify ASK1 stress responsiveness in response to oxidizing agents.  Here, she's with VBI Director Mark Wallace, presenting her work at the Summer Poster session. Summer wrapped with a bowling party in which we were finally able to get Britney off the use of bowling bumpers and onto the use of big kid lanes (Woot!).

Spring 2014

AbbyCute Baby Ahead!

We haz a very new and super cute labbie! On February 27th, Abby Palubinsky came into the world and is totally rocking out zillions of new clothes bought for her by her grandmas. Congrats Amy and Scott!


babyshowerWe just KNOW 2014 is going to be our year. We got Jimbo (aka Jeannette Stankowski) back for Amy's baby shower. We have two great papers ready to go out the door and all kinds of super smart collaborators from Ginger Mlne to Dave Schubert, Pat Levitt and Wellington Pham. Thesew folks have great programs and we'll work together on imaging, stress signaling and biomarkers of inflammation and redox stress. The boss is putting together a special issue of Antioxidants and Redox Signaling on Mitophagy and Britney flew thru her Phase II Quals like a rockstar. Stay tuned!

Winter 2013

WINTER IS COMING although in the South, winter is a lot like fall for everyone else. We get terrified by 'white death from above' (ie snow) and were fortunate to have dodged many of the winter bullets that hit our buddies in New England. We had two new labbies join the crew - Sharon and Christina who are rapidly moving their way up the research ladder and learning all the ways we work as cell culture and biochemistry whisperers. Britney's FEBS Letters paper on Redox Regulation of Mitochondria/Mitophagy was published and both Britney and Amy participated in the Society for Neuroscience's nano symposium on Preconditioning.  We were sad to see two of our favorite buddies depart Vanderbilt; Bob Singer and Miki Aschner. 

We took Dr. Singer out for some sushi and hooked him up with a Anderson Design Nashvegas print to remember Music City.

Fairwell Lunch for Bob Singer at Fujimoto

2014 brings Ankita's graduaton (Woot!), Amy's cloning experiment/delivery of mini-Amy and two more pubs from the lab so stay tuned and Happy New Year!!

Spring 2013

Spring is in the air. Birds are chirping. Cicadas are ticking off another year before they can attack and the labbies are writing away.  Amy Palubinsky (of bar fighting acclaim) successfully finished her first post-qual committee meeting, Britney Manibusan oversaw rotation student Becca Bluett on the road to curing ALS and Cozette got into medical school (hurray!).  The Boss continues insane traveling with a rousing endorsement from the University of Arizona's MARC program "I left the meeting with the speaker relatively unharmed".  Expect to see papers submitted by the end of March from Britney and Amy and their posses.

Winter 2012


Our return to Nashville brought scads of work and the outstanding news that our paper characterizing our favorite mousers lacking the E3 Ligase CHIP was accepted to PLoS One.  The knockout animals were too frail to do behavioral experiments, but we saw big differences with very young heterozygotes in motor tasks.  Huge shout out to our collaborators in the Stanwood lab for their part in characterizing these animals - the only mice with E3 deficiencies that have a phenotype - a big deal since these proteins have been implicated in Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Stroke and other diseases.
Dr. McLaughlin went to her first ever (!) American Cell Biology Society meeting with genetics buddy and aspiring neurobiologist Dana Miller in San Francisco and learned all kinds of cool things about the state of the art of proteostasis, chaperone and ubiquitin function. SO much good stuff out there. 
We are working on proofs to Kim Grelli's paper characterizing changes in isocitrate dehydrogenase decreases following stroke and Dr. McLaughlin's Forum issue with Jeff Gidday on the needs and opportunities in the field of preconditioning in Translational Stroke Research a great journal helmed by the vibrant John Zhang.

           Depolarized: verb, used with object. 1) To cause a reassembly of sharply divided in factions. 2) The new Vanderbilt Brain Institute Blog.

Fall 2012

Fall - or as the Boss likes to call it - 'when my little science geniuses' like to be ROCK STARS.  Amy Palubinsky follows on the heels of her American Heart Association predoctoral grant grab by nabbing the cover of the Vanderbilt Neuroscience Reviews with this bad arse photo of her neuronal mitochondria.  Amy has already turned a standard qualifying exam review article in to a fabulous paper that was published this year and this is the icing on the cake.  Or cupcake as we like to eat 'em in our house.

The next rock star shout out goes to Britney Lizama Manibusin who will be heading off to SfN for the next three years thanks to a travel fellowship she nabbed and will also be submitting her first paper with the lab by year's end.  

Britney will be joined by Cozette Kale, the Boss and Amy at SfN New Orleans where each will be presenting their work on Monday afternoon, so come find us before Cozette gets scooped up by some awesome medical school and heads off.

Be sure to also check out the monster press the Brain on a Chip platform has been getting for the lab's collaboration with Robert Singer, Kevin Niswender, Kate Ellacott and John Wiekswo.

Summer 2012

With the asphalt melting, and the Guamese beauracracy in full swing, the McLaughlin went into overdrive.  

Dr. McLaughlin took the reigns as the Research Director of the JB Marshall Lab while still maintaining 70% of her time to our own teams efforts.  Amy Palubinsky brought home a superstar American Heart Association predoctoral grant AND a Clinical Neuroscience Scholars award.  Which was then followed by The Boss being appointed to the American Heart Association Study Section.

To make all these fabulous things happen we brought on Jessica Cohen full time.  Jess works for the Marshall team making all things right for the blood brain barrier.  Britney is off to Guam to marry her college sweet pea and the rest of the labbies are buckling down to get their papers finished before year's end (or they all turn into pumpkins).  

Spring 2012

Spring has sprung in NashVegas bringing all kinds of fabulous events including the founding of the much needed Vanderbilt Association for Stroke Awareness which is a joint effort of Travis Ladner VM14 and overseen by Drs. McLaughin and Hermann.  We also were visited of ubber genius Dr Frances Jensen from Children's Hospital (read: Harvard) Neurology in Boston.  She was an absolute rock star discussing the risk of cognitive dysfunction following early in life seizures.  Her talk can be found here and her Ted talk can be found here.  We had a great run of hard working rotation students and the undergrads finished out the year like the little data machines we love.  Big news is that we have signed our newest full time member, Britney Lizama - much sought after super star of the IGP and are very excited to have her in lab for her thesis.  Amy Palubinsky published a paltry 3 papers this spring (slacker) setting a lab record for 6 papers in her second year in lab.  Check in for work from our collaboration with Amy, Jeannette and the Stanwood lab in PLoS One, a review on neurodegeneration due out in Developmental Neuroscience and a collaborative project on bioenergetics of preconditioning with the always fun Cliffel folks in American Chemical Neuroscience.

Three Months into 2012 and....

There are zillions of new things going on. Starting with our newest labbie- Micah Elijah Brown. Micah is adorable, a genius and has some of the best hair around. He also can't sit upright or feed himself, but we know he'll make a great scientist nonetheless. Jacquelynn and Terrance Brown's son was born in March and is cute as a button. He even has toes that The Boss looks at and considers cute. He's a fighting champ and we are routing for him as he pushes through some tough times with a pesky artery that got lost on the way to his lung. You can register online and link to his Caringbridge updates here.


In other news, alum Erik Musiek scored his K99/R00 grant - yahoo! He'll also be coming back on campus for a visit this spring and to play with some of the neurons. Amy, Jeannette, and The Boss got their paper with Gregg Stanwood on behavioral dysfunction in CHIP haploinsufficient animals accepted to PLoS One.

And, of course, we are all excited for the role out of the Clinical Neuroscience Scholars certificate program giving residents and graduate students a chance 'to walk in each other's shoes'. Funded by generous support from the Marino Foundation and the JB Marshall family, this offers a fabulous opportunity to see the patient reality of neurological dysfunction. Dr. McLaughlin is on the steering committee and acting as the VBI faculty director. Find out more here.

The Mayans Were Wrong. We Made it to 2012.

In a startling turn of events, the culture which tried to flatten their childrens skulls by tying boards to them, was sadly mistaken about the demise of the world and we are, indeed, here. Or were we obliterated and those meds were just really, really good? Regardless, NIH still wants us to write grants, train students, cure neurodegeneration and publish a paper a day, so I guess that's what we've been up to.

As most lab members can tell you, one of the best things about being in the McLaughlin lab is getting out. This is born out by the success of Erik Musiek at Wash U who got his K08 on his first go around with a ridiculously high and well deserved score. AND, not to be outdone, German princess Dr. Stankowski is publishing in an up and coming journal known as Nature Medicine with her new lab (stole her super cute picture without permission below).

Amy and Kim sprint (crawl?) to the finish hoping to get their bad arsed papers submitted this spring while Erin Albers final lab paper came out in Pediatric Cardiology in February 2012 and our collaboration with the Cliffel lab got great reviews at ACS so we hope to get that bad boy accepted soon.

The boss has been making a lot of tea, writing a dozen or so grants and crowning Stacy Yanofsky new lab king, based on the Kings Day tradition (all hail ye powerful leader of the crunkers). And we surely owe our survival to the massive Vanderbilt Flulapalooza event in the fall where we broke the world record for most vaccinations in a day.

Spring brings many trips to Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Miami and California, oh my! So keep checking back for where you can find us.

Summer 2011

 Ahh...the lazy days of summer where we can all sit back on the front porch sipping tea and talking about the price of corn while the kids play in the watering hole (which is likely filled with enormous amounts of groundwater contaminants).  Oh, but wait....we weren't lazy.  It was insane mostly because we brought on the craziest of the crazys (and that is saying something), Kim Grelli.  Kim's plan for world domination involves a sweet giggle, a flip of her ponytail and having the world do her bidding.  Starting with Cozette.  The dynamic duo rocked out car loads of data  while Kim brought in hapless members of her family to clean her house, wash her car and scrub her lightbulbs.  Jacquelynn played demolition derby with her car for the better part of the summer until, at last, it bit the big one on the back end of boat.  The car clearly had no will to live.  All being safe and sound, Jacquelynn and Amy cranked away looking at cell regulators of mitophagy and getting Amy off to qualifying exam land which is filled with puppies and birthday cakes.  As 2011 drew to a close, Dr. McLaughlin headed down to Miami to meet with all kinds of ubber smart people for the 2nd World Conference on Preconditioning held at University of Miami.  Pubs will be forthcoming, but the in the interim, feel free to chomp on this summary from our super buddy Miguel Perez Pinzon. 

Spring 2011


Two Down!

Spring brings a freaking crazy ambush of cicadas as well as some pomp and circumstance as two of our own graduate.  Dr. Stankowski returns from Murder City to graduate from the Neuroscience Doctorate program and our little kitten (aka Jake Martin) shows that you can mail order parents from L.L. Bean by showing up with two totally normal, smart and kind individuals claiming to be his parents.  Jake pulls in the crowds for his thesis defense in the Neuroscience major pulling a rare high honors on his thesis defense.  Snaps to both for jobs exceedingly well done!  Lab also snagged a grant in April on Mitochondrial Stress Signaling by Manganese from the Center for Molecular Toxicology to evaluate the role of ion homeostasis in mitochondrial dynamics. Cozette, Kim, Jacquelynn, Amy and recurring guest star Evan promise to hold down the fort for the summer while we interview for a new post doc in May.   Jake will be rejoining our ranks mid-summer to begin life as an RA working for collaborator 

extraordinaire neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Singer before applying to med schools.  We also had the pleasure of having JP Mohr from Columbia present the Kirshner lecture in May at the everawesome F Scott's.  See some cool pix here.  Oh, and contrary to what Jacquelynn will tell you, we TOTALLY saw some undergrad running around with a Subway lunch bag scooping up cicadas and he was going to eat them later.  For realz.


November and December 2010

With the holidays fast approaching, Dr. McLaughlin participated in Vanderbilt's ever more popular Jobe Bernard Stroke Symposium then hit the road for SfN 2010 meeting up with retired labbies Josh Brooks and Erik Musiek while lab folk hunkered down to bust out a final two submissions before the end of 2010.  Resident-to-be Lauren Mitchell near perfected quantitative mitochondrial fusion assays with Jacquelynn based on a new collaboration with nicest dude ever Michael Frohman and sidekick Winnie Huang.  Lab looks forward to our pending visit with Roberta "Queen of Isocitrate Dehydrogenase' Colman who will be a guest speaker on December 14th.  And special snaps go out to our buddy and Jake's future boss Robert Singer on his developing a Vandy arm of the Blood Brain Barrier program.  Of course, now that he's famous, he may not remember us, but we have photos :-)

Fall 2010

Yes, we cheated a bit with compressing 3 months, but it's been stupid busy in the lab with babies popping out, people getting married, manuscripts and grants going in and new folks joining the lab.

We welcome two tiny labbies born to MSCI Graduate Dr. Erin Albers in September. Daughters Lucy Ann and Clare Marie were a bit anxious to see the world at 33 weeks along in the pregnancy, but are cute as buttons (small, small buttons) and mom and dad are feeding them like mad to make them into even bigger buttons.

Wedding~~!Other lab newbies weighing over 6 lbs include Margaret, Stacy, and Lauren (yes, another Lauren - we are collecting them). Check out their bios and projects. We also took on Amy Kleman's new hubby Scott as an extension of lab with the kids having tied the knot mid-October (after a mere 10 years of dating).

A shiny new Ro1 grant went in on October 5th and is being followed by Jake Martin's invited review for the Neuroscientist on Redox Sensitive Kinases, Erin's submission on Isoprostane Levels in Single Ventricle Surgery and Dr. McLaughlin's special Forum issue on Stroke in Antioxidants and Redox Signaling.

Great new collaborations were established with the Frohman lab at Stony Brook and Pat Levitt at USC. We hope to see lots of folks at the upcoming Society for Neuroscience meeting and Jeannette's thesis defense in December.

June/July 2010

Summer in Nashville brought out the best in our lab peeps as Cozette and Jake were able to stay on, Evan returned and lab rocked with productivity. Jeannette crushed it, getting 2 papers accepted, lab Alum Stephanie got another paper in and Amy got her first paper accepted. We were thrilled to have Anthony, Richard or who ever he is this week spend the summer in lab crushing out a great new Shc project that will surely get the lab it's 2nd or 3rd Nobel Prize. We also had the extra perk of getting to meet the irrepressible Sam Costantini, S.O. of Anthony and Richard. Jake Martin joined with Dr. Singer for trip to Oregon to jump start a blood brain barrier basic science program. We celebrated as only the boss would have it, by shooting each other and doing YMCA Boot Camp Expo in 95 degree weather. Turns out that Jake also makes a great ride for profs. He's available for hire for kids parties too.

May 2010

May was a challenging month for all residents of Nashville when the city was declared a national disaster area following massive flooding of Davidson County and surrounding counties.  Every member of lab was impacted by these epic events in which 22 people died and around Nashville following 2 days of record breaking rain.  Hard hit Bellevue TN is home to many labbies and has been the focus of our time volunteering since the flood.  A surreal video can be found here.  Big shout outs to Hands On Nashville, Crosspoint Church, Neuroscience Student Organization, The Department of Pharmacology and Vanderbilt Brain Institute for their help sending food, volunteers, gift cards, equipment and well wishes as we recover.

On happier fronts, we knew we were turning the corner at the end of the month with the birth of the RIDICULOUSLY cute Zora Brown on May 27th and the acceptance of Jeannette Stankowski's paper with Rishi Gupta entitled, "Therapeutic Targets for Neuroprotection in Acute Ischemic Stroke: Lost in Translation?" for Antioxidants and Redox Signaling's Stroke issue in the Fall of 2010.

Welcome to Amy! 

Admittedly, not everyone can pick the coolest lab in neuroscience, plan a wedding, take classes and remember to turn in a picture and a bio for the lab website.  Guess which one Amy forgot?  Amy Kleman is a highly sought after labbie with fabulous training from Hopkins in cell culture and signaling.  She is smart and snarky and we are thrilled she is doing her rotation with us on the role of Krebs Cycle regulation in ischemic preconditioining.  She also gets her hair cut at Jon Alan in Bellevue.  I'm also guessing she may be updating this bio soon.

April 2010

With the boss hopping along following a bit of arthroscopic knee surgery and recruiting for the Fall 2010 IGP class finally done, lab was able to focus on what was really important...NCAA Championship Basketball.  Baby scientist Matt Nelson took loyalty to Vanderbilt to new heights be predicting they would go all the way.  His mentor, Jeannette pulled it out of the gutter at the last minute by predicting Duke would go all the way.  This, however, wasn't enough to save her otherwise horrific bracket.  Erin Albers  came in 2nd out of 33 and Dr. McLaughlin rocked out 3rd.  Meanwhile, fearless leader of the Vanderbilt Brain Institute Mark Wallace clearly was unaware that this was basketball tournament and came in dead last. Jacquelynn Brown continued the most important incubation in the lab with baby Zora due mid-May and Jeannette still running around after Jacquelynn trying to feel the baby squirm.  Jeannette also opted for a post doc at Johns Hopkins with the highly esteemed Valina Dawson.  Way to go Germish!

February/March 2010

Even as we edge into February, big news brews as Jeannette Stankowski wins a baffling second title as "King of the Lab" at the annual Kings Day celebration.  This years perks include signage on the lab, being addressed by her 'Your Highness' title and a bench cleaning by Cozette.  Sadly, others might be more in need of the bench cleaning.  Not to mention names Stephanie.    As Dr.McLaughlin sorts through scads of IGP applicants on the admissions committee and works on grants, both Jeannette and Stephanie are finishing chapters on Oxidative Stress and Neural Bioenergetics respectively.  The McLaughlin lab will be recruting for an additional post doc at the Post Doc fair in March and bringing in some outside candidates as well.

December and January 2010

Matching!As the undergrads focused on finishing projects for break and looked forward to Cozette returning home so that she could get her much needed highlights, all other hands were on deck submitting a whopping 5 papers in 5 weeks (ack!). Labbies were AWESOME and got a well deserved break at Dave and Busters with our buddies from the Milne lab. Josh Brooks returned from prison.

California as a surprise guest star and, not surprisingly won the lab Dirty Santa contest cleaning up with Starbucks gift set and a framed photo of Dr. McLaughlin. Low man on the totem pole, Travis won a Nascar poster and Slim Jim.

In addition to papers, Jeannette had yet another fabulously successful committee meeting as did Erin Albers as they both prepare for the home stretch of their research projects. Matt Judson, our 8th floor buddy and adopted lab mate successfully defended his thesis bringing a host of Levitt lab members to town and a resulting in a great party to boot. See more picture of all these great happenings here.


Fall lead the McLaughlin lab to the SfN meeting in Chicago, which, as it turns out is rather windy.  Who knew?  After an ill-conceived outing with our preconditioning buddy, Jeff Gidday, to Gino's East we needed to skip the shuttles for long walks to burn all those evil carbs off.  Labbie Jeannette was highlighted at the most crowded reception for travel award winners ever thanks to her hard work.  Plenary speakers on genetic mosaics and illusions were exciting and we enjoyed a great poster turn out.  The boss was busy scouting for cool science for an upcoming issue of  Antioxidants and Redox Signaling on Stroke she will be guest editing in 2010.

Labbie Erin Albers off to save the world!  Here blog on her trip to Kenya can be found here

August/September 2009

Summer blew by with the help of a GREAT undergrad crew.  Snaps to Jane Hettinger our Summer Science Academy Student who submitted her first paper with Jacquelynn Brown as first author.  Other team members including Evan Cohen and Jocelyn Howard will be on works going in for review in the fall. We are looking forward to attending the SfN meeting in Chicago and the premeeting on Preconditioning run by Michael Collins.

  • Find Jeannette's abstract here and Stephanie's here

Stephanie Zeiger's paper on Lipid Peroxidation in Stroke was accepted to FRBM! 

Labbie Erin Albers off to save the world, or help kids with cardiac and other health issues on her trip to Kenya.  Here blog on her trip can be found here

BethAnn McLaughlin interviewed on On the Home Stretch.  Promo:  Is There a Link Between Vaccines and Autism?  Most of us have heard Jenny Mc Carthy’s concern that vaccines may have caused her son’s autism.  Is there a link?  Dr. Beth Ann McLaughlin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Neurology, will address this as well as other known contributions to disorders like autism, ADD and cerebral palsy.   

Our beloved dictator, Ms. Gail, celebrated her 60th birthday (half way to 120!!) by beings scared witless at a true surprise party.  See pix here.

July 2009

Summer....while it means vacations and pools for some, the lab is buzzing with activity with our rock star summer students.  Caroline is working on figuring out how the Krebs Cycle in altered in preconditioning. Jane is helping us finish work on Shc mitochondrial localization and autophagy and Evan is trying to survive the last few weeks in lab without Jeannette having a nervous breakdown at the thought of him leaving.  Everyone is humming along while the boss 'enjoys' reading grants for NIH study section.  Replacement Evans are being screened using the Jeannette's Friend Test which you can download here.

April and May 2009


Lab Ladies Crush the Vanderbilt competition at Fitness Day! 

HeathPlus sponsored Employee Fitness Day offered a chance to crunch, pushup, spin and jump to fame and fortune.  The Hayden-Zeiger machine jumped her way to first place, McLaughlin tied for first with arch nemesis (and likely steroid addict) Shaine Jones at spin while Ingle and Brown cranked out the pushups and situps.  Nicely done team!!

Publication in Press

A collaborative effort between members of the McLaughlin, Aschner, Stanwood and Manganese Health Research Program was accepted is is available online through the Journal of Neurochemistry.  The paper focuses on how environmental exposures to manganese can increase vulnerability of basal ganglia circuitry to neurodegeneration.  


Josh Brooks, Ben Holt and Evan Cohen increase world 'smartiness', by graduating.  The boys show remarkable skills in carrying banners, smiling with people and wearing overpriced black polyester dresses.  Congrats boys!

FLOOD NEWS: Saturdays in May and June - In Cooperation with Hands On Nashville/Crosspoint Church/Vanderbilt Brain Institute, we are in need of assistance in the hard hit area of Bellevue, a subdivision of Nashville, where many labbies and Vandy folk live.  Find out more here.

Vandy's flood relief site is located here with many helpful pointers.


Our lab supports Gender and Racial Equality in Science. Read Dr. McLaughlin's The Scientist Post on Women's Issues and follow #RipplesofDoubt on Twitter.


Brain on a Chip Funded!

The McLaughlin lab joins Vanderbilt colleagues in creating a one of a kind biofluidics platform for drug discovery.  Find out more here


Figure out fast who is on call at Vandy using the new Synergy System 

 Tennesseans - Demand your children get taught science and not religion, in science class. Read Roger Cone's OpEd here.


BethAnn McLaughlin named Reviewing Editor for Journal of Neuroscience.

Britney Mannibusan and Amy Palubinsky both get AHA predoctoral fellowships!

Our paper "CHIP is an Essential Determinant of Mitochondrial Stress Signaling" is online now!  GET IT HERE.  Press release here.

Clinical Neuroscience Certificate Scholars Applications Due May 30, 2013.  Get details HERE.

Dr. McLaughlin was quoted for ABC News on the revelation of intentional fraud by former doctor Andrew Wakefield suggestion vaccination causes autism.  See article here.

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