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  • 2/14/2018
    12:15 pm - 1:15 pm
    VICB Seminar, Carole Bewley, NIH-NIDDK, 'Chemical and Biological Mechanisms for Inhibiting Infectious Diseases'

      The Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology (VICB) presents Dr. Carole Bewley, NIH-NIDDK: "Lessons from Nature: Chemical and Biological Mechanisms for Inhibiting Infectious Diseases"

    Research Overview
    · Our research aims to discover or develop new classes of molecules that are effective in preventing infections by bacterial and viral pathogens. There is an especially pressing need for identifying new classes of antibiotics that are effective against drug-resistant bacteria, and we place emphasis in this area.
    · Our lab carries out interdisciplinary research aimed at the discovery of biologically active natural products, also known as secondary metabolites; seeks to understand basic principles involved in protein-carbohydrate interactions and how these can be exploited to engineer therapeutics; and designs and synthesizes small molecules and peptides that block, or can be used to probe the events that lead to viral entry.

    Contact: Michelle Armstrong