No Ticket No Tow

Faculty, Staff and Students must call the Parking Permit Office at 615-936-1215, option 3, in advance to request a No Ticket No Tow for driving a different vehicle, forgetting his/her parking permit, when parking as a Patient or Patient Visitor, or if a night employee has to stay over their time restriction on their night permit.  E-mailed or faxed No Ticket No Tow requests will not be accepted.

The Parking Permit Office will not accept No Ticket No Tow requests for the following reasons:

  • Being late for work and parking in a lot other than one’s authorized location
  • Parking in Patient/Patient Visitor parking area for any reason other than being a patient or visitor
  • Parking in a "No Parking" area
  • For permit holders who have changed from night to day shift but have not changed their parking permits to a day permit