The Supply Chain office is located in the basement of the Medical Center- office B705.
To contact VUMC Supply Chain Services please call: (615) 343.5137.

Welcome to the Supply Chain Website!

Our department is designed to enable physicians and clinicians to enhance quality outcomes and patient safety. We are able to do so by carefully managing information and utilizing automation in order to streamline the processes and drive costs out of the system.

Supply Chain is comprised of almost 300 employees who strive to ensure efficient and successful behind-the-scenes operations. Our services range from case cart operations, purchasing, materials management, systems support, and many others. We take an evidence-based approach and utilize a collaborative effort between the customer and supply teams to eliminate wastefulness through standardization and process improvement initiatives.

Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers as we continually strive to create an efficient, cost effective, and supportive Supply Chain team.