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Using the Logos Correctly

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

This is the logo that is used to represent Vanderbilt University Medical Center on print, web and presentation materials to constituents other than consumers/patients. It represents the physical location of the medical center.

Vanderbilt Health

Vanderbilt Health represents all the various clinics and services that make up the clinical enterprise of the medical center. The logo is typically used for external communications directed at general consumers and patients.

The "complete signature" is a single unit of identification, composed of a symbol and a wordmark. Below is the Vanderbilt University Medical Center complete signature.

The construction of the wordmark and its relationship to the symbol have been carefully considered and should not be altered or rearranged in any manner.

Use the logos as provided. Use metallic gold ink (PMS 873) for the icon V when possible. Visit the Colors page for more information about our gold color.

Include the following notice on printed materials, such as brochures and flyers, whenever possible: Vanderbilt logos are federally registered marks of Vanderbilt University.

Logo Rules

The graphic elements of Vanderbilt logos are trademarks. Do not alter them in any way. 


  • Modify the proportional relationship between elements within the logos.
  • Use the logos on any materials promoting alcohol, firearms or tobacco.
  • Modify the spacing between elements within the logos.
  • Place logo on orange, patterned or any other busy or low-contrast background.
  • Reshape the logos.
  • Rearrange the elements within the logos.
  • Combine any additional words, images or other logos as to create new composite logos.
  • Cut and paste logos from a website.

Double Branding

Using two or more logos on the same piece is referred to as double branding and is rarely approved. Some exceptions are made for community partners, sponsorships, and membership affiliation including Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network and co-sponsorships between Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Vanderbilt University. Contact Vanderbilt University Medical Center Strategic Marketing for any exceptions.

If more than one Medical Center logo is involved (e.g., Kennedy Center, VICC and Children’s Hospital), the broadest logo is used (Vanderbilt University Medical Center) and the other entities are simply typeset as a list.

The logos below may be used on all materials related to their respective services, except on public websites. When these logos appear, no other Vanderbilt or Medical Center logo should appear.

Clinics, centers, institutes, programs and departments do not have their own logos.

They are encouraged to typeset the department name in a Vanderbilt University Medical Center Strategic Marketing–approved font:

When space is tight—for example on a promotional item or a uniform—the department name may be set near the logo. Clear space guidelines should be followed. It is not necessary to repeat the word Vanderbilt in the typeset department name.

Note: Setting the department name near the logo does not make a new composite logo and departments and clinics should not use it as such.

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