Specimen Support

Instructions For VPLS Flow Cyto Molecular C and T kit 030813

Step 1.

Label each tube and/or slide with the patient ID and attach label to each specimen.

Step 2.

Insert prepared slides into plastic slide box. Insert tubes within the absorbent pouch provided.

Step 3.

For patients who are being evaluated for or have a history of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), please label a separate PAXgene tube (provided separately). Fill this tube with 2.5 mL of bone marrow aspirate (fill to the top of the label), mix well by inverting the tube 8-10 times, and enclose in the transport kit with the other routine tubes.

Step 4.

Roll up absorbent pouch with tubes and insert into small zip bag along with plastic slide box.

Step 5.

Seal the plastic zipper along its entire track. Place into circular hole in foam block.

Step 6.

Place green cap formalin vials in provided rectangular foam slots.

Step 7.

Seal biohazard bag completely along zippered track.

Step 8.

Place completed test requisition in rear of box, outside of large zip bag.

Step 9.

Contact preferred courier for pick up.

Questions / Concerns

For details on specimens in processing, contact our Hematopathology Client Specialist, Carol Moore at
(615) 343-9167 or carol.a.moore@vanderbilt.edu.