Process Overview

At Vanderbilt University Medical Center, we strive to empower physicians with tools to ensure selection of the right tests when diagnosing complex diseases. As the medical landscape evolves, testing is becoming increasingly complicated. For any disease, keeping up with the ever-expanding number and complexity of relevant diagnostic tests is a challenge. In no area of medicine is this more true than in the diagnosis and monitoring of hematologic malignancies.

Our newest innovation in supporting oncologists is an advanced diagnostic decision support tool that provides test selection guidance, so you can be confident that the right tests are selected for your patient. Similar to NCCN guidelines, it provides patient- and disease-specific diagnostic guidelines based on the latest research, using algorithms developed by a team of specialists in hematology and pathology. These algorithms ensure that you order the right tests for your patient, so that you can provide the most accurate diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy possible.

This innovative tool provides a personalized test order for each patient based on their specific history, disease, and stage of the disease. It eliminates needless testing and detects essential testing that otherwise might have been omitted.

Once the testing is complete, an easy-to-interpret comprehensive report synthesizes the lab results and diagnosis for you so you can spend more time with your patients and less time deciphering multiple lab results.

Ordering tests is simple. You check one box and send the sample to us. We process the sample in our laboratory that specializes in esoteric testing, and the comprehensive report is then issued through a secure web portal or faxed directly to you. 

Once you receive your comprehensive report, you can call our experts in hematopathology at any time with questions regarding the diagnosis or interpretation, ensuring each physician fully understands the diagnosis – and supporting lab results is their primary responsibility.

Now you can choose a diagnostic partner that treats your patient’s specimens like you treat your patients—with personalized attention and care—ensuring that the right tests are performed at the right time for every patient. All of these tools were built by physicians, for physicians and are provided by a partner you can trust, Vanderbilt.

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