Basic Arrhythmia Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation (BACRI) Class

The Basic Arrhythmia Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation (BACRI) class is a non-consecutive two-day instructional course (4 hours each day) that focuses on arrhythmia recognition.

  • Staff can attempt to test out of the class once; if unsuccessful in the test out attempt, the BACRI class is mandatory.
  • If you are interested in testing out of the BACRI class, please discuss this with your unit based educator for further instructions.

Upon successful completion of the class the learner should be able to apply important concepts, including:

  • basic information of cardiac cells
  • basic understanding of the cardiac conduction system
  • basic understanding of the three and five lead cable system
  • identification of EKG graph paper components
  • understand and identify components of an EKG complex
  • correctly measure PR intervals, QRS complex width, and QT intervals
  • calculate atrial and ventricular heart rates
  • interpret cardiac rhythms utilizing a six second rhythm strip 


Target Audience Targeted for Vanderbilt University Hospital staff who work in areas where patients undergo cardiac monitoring as part of routine patient care.

VUMC Staff
VUMC Staff
Non-VUMC Staff
Non-VUMC Staff
Prerequisite Click to preview BACRI Course Manual online* (download and print options available after accessing).
* = VUMC Staff only (login required)

BACRI Course Manual will be handed out first day of class.

Calipers available for purchase at class
(cash or check only)
The BACRI course is not being offered to non VUMC staff at this time.

Date(s) Dates listed in LMS*

8:00am - 12:00pm both days

Registrants must attend both days of the class.

Location(s) Location is 3401 West End Ave, Suite 790 unless otherwise noted in registration. 
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Contact Hour(s) No Contact Hours offered
Certification N/A
Cost No cost for VUMC Staff

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