Sweet 790 Club

Sweet 790 cover costs of celebrations and life events for our NE&PD teammates through individual team dues.  Participation is NOT mandatory for any NE&PD staff members.

Sweet 790 dues cover:

  • Birthdays:  Cake at Clinical Ops to celebrate all Sweet 790 birthdays for the month
  • Weddings and Babies:  Cake and a $25 Gift Card from the Sweet 790 group, presented at Clinical Ops
  • Graduations:  Cake and a Card from the Sweet 790 group, presented at Clinical Ops
  • Funerals/Bereavement and Surgeries/Major Illness:  Flowers or Donations ($25) and a Card delivered or mailed, from the Sweet 790 group

If you choose not to participate, you can still have cake with us at Clinical Ops to share in the celebrations!  However, all of these celebrations will cover life events for Sweet 790 group members only.  We will make sure you know of other events for staff who choose not to participate in case you would like to send a personal card or gift.

DUES = $36.00 per year payable by cash and/or check
One $36.00 annual payment or
Two $18.00 bi-annual payments collected every six months
Reminder notifications sent when payments are due.


  • Amanda Cupples
  • Jaime Janiszewski