Clinical Neurophysiology and Epilepsy Fellowships

Welcome to the Clinical Neurophysiology (CNP) and Epilepsy Fellowships at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. We offer ACGME-accredited fellowships* in both subspecialties (one year each, combined total of eight positions per year). Multiple tracks are available, tailored to each fellows interest and career path (academic or private practice, adult or pediatric). Usually 1-2 of these positions are reserved for a 2-year fellow wishing to pursue academic epileptology.

Fellows will receive broad training in adult and pediatric epilepsy, neuromuscular disorders, autonomics, intraoperative monitoring, and evoked potentials. We emphasize a balanced experience between structured didactics, scholarly activities, and clinical experience. Dedicated, separate fellowships for Sleep medicine and Neuromuscular medicine are also available through Vanderbilt neurology.

We pride ourselves in maintaining camaraderie and a friendly, open teaching and work environment. The program has a strong faculty base (13 in adult epilepsy, 6 in pediatric epilepsy, and 6 in neuromuscular). We take special interest in career development and subspecialty board preparation for our fellows, while balancing life and enjoying all that Nashville has to offer.

Training is primarily based at Vanderbilt University Hospital and Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital. Vanderbilt is a level 4 epilepsy center that offers inpatient epilepsy monitoring experience (8 adult and 4 pediatric beds), critical-care/ICU EEG, outpatient adult and pediatric clinics (including clinical trials), outpatient EEG and evoked potentials (EP), intra-operative monitoring (IOM), and surgical epilepsy. We perform approximately 50-60 combined adult and pediatric epilepsy surgeries per year. The program is supported by 2 neuropsychologists, 1 pediatric and 2 adult functional neurosurgeons, neuroradiology (including SPECT, Wada, fMRI, and PET), and invasive EEG monitoring with depth and subdural electrodes.

The neuromuscular experience highlights both adult and pediatric EMG lab experience and neuromuscular clinics, including dedicated ALS and MDA clinics at Vanderbilt. Fellows will be trained to be proficient and independent at EMG, nerve conduction studies, repetitive nerve stimulation, and single fiber EMG. This is supported by EMG lab experience at the Nashville VA Medical Center.

Within CNP, two tracks are available (mixed EEG/EMG and epilepsy ). Within Epilepsy, two tracks are available (adult and pediatric ). Both fellowships can provide experience in Adult EEG and EMU, Pediatric EEG and EMU, EMG, evoked potentials (EPs), and intra-operative monitoring (IOM). See sample schedules below.

The mixed track within CNP is designed to provide a broad exposure in preparation for private practice, and include epilepsy, evoked potential, and neuromuscular experiences.

The epilepsy track within Clinical Neurophysiology is designed specifically to be the first year of a 2-year fellowship, for those who wish to academic epileptology. Thus, they would take the Epilepsy Fellowship as the second year, with advanced experiences including epilepsy surgery with subdural grids, depth electrodes, stereo-EEG, electrocorticography, neurostimulation, and laser ablation; ICU/critical care continuous EEG monitoring; education of junior fellows; and research. A second year fellow may serve as the chief fellow and may have an epilepsy continuity clinic.

Intraoperative monitoring (adult and pediatric) experience is also available in both fellowships, depending on fellow interest.

We look forward to hearing from you, and hope that you will visit us soon!

--Bassel Abou-Khalil, MD Program Director, Clinical Neurophysiology

--Amar Bhatt, MD Program Director, Epilepsy

Associate Program Director, Clinical Neurophysiology

--Shilpa Reddy, MD Associate Program Director, Epilepsy

Sample Rotations for one year fellows:

Epilepsy Fellowship (adult one year track):

Adult EMU 4-6 months

EEG/EP 1-3 months

Pediatric EEG/EMU 1-4 months

Elective IOM 0-1 month

Epilepsy Fellowship (pediatric one year track):

Pediatric EEG/EMU 7-9 months

Adult EMU 1-2 months

EEG/EP 1-2 months

IOM 0-1 month

Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship (mixed one-year track):

Adult EMU 4-6 months

EMG 3-4 months

EEG/EP 1-3 months

Pediatric EEG/EMU 0-3 months

Sample Rotations for two year fellows:

Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship (1st year, epilepsy track):

Adult EMU 4-6 months

EEG/EP 1-3 months

Pediatric EEG/EMU 1-4 months

IOM 0-1 month

Epilepsy Fellowship (2nd year, adult track):

Adult EMU 4-6 months

EEG/EP 2-3 months

Pediatric EEG/EMU 1-3 months

Electives 2-4 months (IOM, Research, or Epilepsy Clinic)

*Graduates of the Epilepsy Fellowship are eligible for the ABPN Epilepsy Board Certification Examination. Graduates of the Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship are eligible for the ABPN Clinical Neurophysiology Board Certification Examination.

Applicants must be either board-eligible or board-certified in Neurology and have completed an ACGME-accredited adult or pediatric neurology residency in the United States. We begin accepting applications in the fall of 2015 and interview on a rolling basis through the spring of 2016 (for positions starting July 1, 2017). Along with the completed application form, please send a current CV, a personal statement including the intended track (neurophysiology, adult epilepsy, or pediatric epilepsy), as well as three letters of recommendation to Barbara Borel. She can be reached by phone at 615-322-0660, by fax at 615-322-1192, and by email at (Although original letters can be sent by mail, fax or email are preferred to expedite review.)