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Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology Research

The Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology Division offers an innovative research portfolio through the Vanderbilt Memory and Alzheimers Center. Center faculty and trainees are interested in reducing the public health burden of mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimers disease, and related disorders. Our investigators have complimentary scientific expertise and are distinguished scientists in their respective fields. Particular interests of our faculty and scientists include:

  • Advance understanding of risk factors, early diagnostic markers, prevention and treatment methods for memory loss and unhealthy cognitive aging with an emphasis on vascular health

  • Identifying and validating cost-effective and innovative methods to enhance early detection and diagnosis of Alzheimers disease

  • Improving outcomes for older adults by understanding the complex associations between cardiovascular disease, frailty, and cognitive decline

  • Understanding factors underlying resilience to the clinical manifestations of Alzheimers disease pathology

  • Evaluating new therapeutic targets for Alzheimers disease and related disorders

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