Brain Tumor Center

The focus of the Vanderbilt Brain Tumor Center is to provide world-class treatment and support for patients with brain tumors.  In addition to caring for patients, our team of research scientists is relentlessly pursuing a better understanding of these types of cancers.  One of the things that make the Vanderbilt Brain Tumor Center so unique is that our clinicians talk to the basic scientists working in the laboratory.  This allows promising ideas to be rapidly translated to therapies for our patients.

We have assembled a team of leading experts who specialize solely in the care of patients with brain tumors.  The faculty of the Vanderbilt Brain Tumor Center is made up of neurosurgeons, medical neuro-oncologists, radiation oncologists and neuro-radiologists.  Physicians in each of these specialties have their own area of expertise, but come together to work as a team to provide comprehensive care for our patients.

At Vanderbilt we recognize that when a patient is diagnosed with a brain tumor it is often a time of tremendous anxiety and confusion.  Patients and their family need clear information and guidance to help them understand brain tumors: how they form, how they differ from other tumors, how they are diagnosed, and how they are treated.  Under the direction of Dr. Reid Thompson, Vice Chair of Neurological Surgery and Director of the Brain Tumor Center, the Brain Tumor Center website was developed in response to this need to provide patients, their family members and other physicians with clear information about brain tumors.  It is here you will find further information about the Brain Tumor Center, types of brain tumors, basic things you need to know when first diagnosed and treatment options beyond the standard approaches.