Nomads No More: Nurse Residents and Placement Day

The search is finally over.
The 91 nurse residents who make up the Winter 2011 Cohort found their professional homes on Monday, March 21--Placement Day. That afternoon, Nursing Education and Professional Development organized a celebration at Vanderbilt’s Student Life Center to launch the residents on the next part of their voyage.
Despite the fact they are called “residents,” the group didn’t have a permanent home until that day. Their journey at Vanderbilt started last fall when they applied for the residency program, and they had to pass several key milestones along the way.
First, they had to meet strict standards to even apply. Next, they had to pass stringent interview requirements, and then, finally, they had to fit in with hospital track and unit needs. And that was just to get their feet in the door.
Orientation started at the end of January and for the past seven weeks they have travelled in their tracks (acute medical and surgical, critical care, psychiatric, and children) through various units in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Two days each week, the residents sat through classes, and then they spent the other three days assigned to particular hospital floors. The following week, there more classes and the residents rotated on to the next unit. Each week they learned new skills, strengthened existing ones, and formed bonds within their cohort.
And then finally, it was time to choose. The residents selected their top three units, their coaches helped them select the best fit, and on Monday, March 21, the managers hired the residents into their units.
Here now are the residents and their new homes: