Match Day Awards, March 2011


Outstanding Preceptor: 
Rachel Kromer

Residents described her as compassionate, attentive and positive.

Best Nursing Team:
7 North

The team on Seven North was described as going out of their way to provide supplemental learning experiences. The commraderie on the unit showed as a number of residents commented on their supportive teamwork and the welcoming atmosphere.





Outstanding Preceptor:
Yulia Vance   

One resident described Yulia this way: Her dedication to professional nursing comes through in all aspects of her practice, from proper medication administration to delicate therapeutic communication with an agitated patient. She is an exemplary nurse and a gifted preceptor.


Best Nursing Team:
9 South

This team worked well together and was very supportive of each other.






Outstanding Preceptor:
Lindsey Hicklin

One resident said that Lindsey took her time explaining what she was doing and the resident never felt left out. Another described her as very "relatable."


Best Nursing Team:

Over and over, residents described this nursing team as smart, friendly, supportive and helpful.



Outstanding Preceptor:
Courtney Rowell      

Courtney was described as going above and beyond the required duties, and by gently pushing a resident to work independently, she helped boost that resident's confidence.
Best Nursing Team:
Adult 3

One resident described this team as a perfect example of how important it is to work as a team and to communicate effectively.


Katie Pierce Preceptor Award:
Laura Cook   


It was obvious this preceptor loved her job and wanted others to share in her enthusiasm for helping others.


Best Nursing Team:
Cardiology 6C

This unit exemplified the quality of teamwork by checking on each other, helping each other and making sure everyone felt welcomed



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