Summer 2012 Placement Day Awards

The winners are...

On Placement Day, we not only celebrated the Summer 2012 Nurse residents--we also thanked some of the people who helped out them out. We surveyed the residents on the the top preceptors in each track (and, in some cases, asked about their favorite units). We're proud to announce the winners are:


ADULT MEDICINE - Awards presented by James Barnett, NEPD specialist.

Outstanding Preceptor: Betsy Cooper, 7RW
Residents said: "[Betsy] made me excited about coming to work and the patients we were taking care of.... She was extremely personable and made me comfortable [enough to ask] any question." 
Best Nursing Team: 11 North
Residents said: "Multiple nurses found time to explain various topics specific to the patient population on an oncology floor and even provided visual aides to reinforce what they were teaching us. It was an excellent experience where I witnessed constant team interaction and nurses stepping up to the challenge every time!" 


ADULT SURGERY - Awards presented by James Barnett, NEPD specialist.

Outstanding Preceptor: Stephen Gallion
Residents said: "Stephen was welcoming, energetic, professional and fun to work with. He encouraged me to challenge myself but provided excellent guidance and feedback. Patients enjoyed having him as their nurse because of his kindhearted, thorough and efficient care." 
Best Nursing Team: 9 South
Residents said: "The team on 9 South [was] very welcoming and made me feel like I mattered. Their teamwork was very evident throughout my shifts there.... This unit was the most welcoming and prepared for my rotation."


CRITICAL CARE - Awards presented by James Barnett, NEPD specialist.

Outstanding Preceptor: Jason Reed
Residents said: "Jason is full of knowledge and eager to share it.  His passion for nursing is evident and he leads by example.  He was a wonderful preceptor that encouraged me to jump on any and all learning opportunities." 
Best Nursing Team: Medical Intensive Care Unit
Residents said: "During an intense code situation, the nurses could tell that I was very nervous (my first code) - and they supported me and when I walked out of the room I felt so appreciative for their patience and kindness towards me." 


PEDIATRICS - Awards presented by Marissa Lemley Brown, NEPD specialist

Outstanding Preceptor: Amy Robertson
(Brandi Meacham accepted on Amy Robertson's behalf) 
Best Nursing Team: Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 


PSYCHIATRIC HEALTH - Awards presented by Jennifer Barut, NEPD specialist

Outstanding Preceptor: Brooke Weaver 
Best Nursing Team: Child/Adolescent 


BURN - Award presented by Cherese Brooks from the Burn Unit.

Outstanding Preceptor: Jessica Featheringill 


Women's Health - Award presented by Robin Seaton and Michelle Browning.

Outstanding Preceptor:  Angela Gleaves
(not pictured)