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RX (Prescriptive) Responsibility

Resources listed are to assist the advanced practice provider in accessing current information and resources that support safe and appropriate prescriptive practices, especially of controlled substances.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Certificates

Practitioner Profiles

Tennessee (TN) Board of Nursing 

1. Required information on Practitioner Profiles:  
-  APRNs and select "Practitioner Profiles" 
 PAs and select "Practitioner Profiles" 
2. Practioner Profile (both APRNs and PAs)
License Verification contains  name, city/state, profession, license #, license status, expiration date w or w/o certification.

Click View Practitioner Profile to view supervising physicians, education, certifications, faculty appointments, disciplinary actions, awards and publications.

Click to add and/or delete a supervising physician or practice site

Necessary to print document, make changes, and mail to Tennessee Board of Nursing (mailing address at top of form).
4. FOR APRNs and PAs
Click to make other significant changes to your Practitioner Profile



Laws, Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

•  State of TN Senate Bill No. 2253/PC880
•  PC 396
•  PC 430 (mandatory UDS for chronic, LT therapy)
  -- July 2014 All prescribers who hold DEA and prescribed CS – 2 hours CE related to CS prescribing 
•  TCA 53-10-306 
•  TCA 53-10-310
•  Chronic Pain Guidelines

Rules TN Board of Nursing

•  Chapter 1000-04 Advanced Practice Nurses and Certificates of Fitness to Prescribe

Rules of TN Board of Medical Examiner

•  Chapter 0880-6  Rules and Regulations governing utilization and supervision
    of services of Nurse Practitioner/Prescription Writer

•  Chapter 0880-3 Rules and Regulations governing the practice of a Physician Assistant          
•  Authorization for Prescribing for Physician Assistants