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Facilities & Programming

Facilities & Programming ensures that the physical environment meets the needs of the Medical Center.  We collect and provide data to support the unique requirements of this highly collaborative community.  There are 100 acres, 163 buildings, and over 11.5 million gross square feet of space on campus and in the surrounding communities supporting Vanderbilt Medical Center's mission.

Space Action Requests

A space action request can be submitted through the link on the right side of this page. Any questions related to this process, or space management in general at the Medical Center, can be sent to

Floor Plans

Medical Center floor plans are available through the online Space Book. Your VUnetID and ePassword credentials are required for access. If you need additional assistance with the floor plans, or would like to report an issue, please notify Space and Facilities Planning.

Space Survey

The annual space survey is conducted to update the Space Management database which is required for Federal Indirect Cost Reporting, National Science Foundation reports, Medicare Reporting, calculation of internal allocations, and planning purposes.

Space Survey Training and Support Materials