Current Residents

2015-2016 Otolaryngology Residents




Christopher Jackson, MD
Hometown: Dayton, OH
Undergraduate: Miami University; Finance and Accounting
Medical School: University of Michigan Medical School



Britni Jacobs, MD
Hometown: Procious, WV
Undergraduate: West Virginia University; Biology
Medical School: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


Daniel Schuster, MD
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Undergraduate: University of Michigan; Biology
Medical School: University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine



Ross Shockley, MD
Hometown: Auburn, AL
Undergraduate: Texas A&M University; Biology
Medical School: University of Texas Medical School at Houston





Austin Adams, MD
Hometown: Berwick, Louisiana
Undergraduate: Louisiana State University; Biology
Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine




Irving Basanez, MD
Hometown: Pharr, Texas
Undergraduate: Walla Walla University; Mathematics

Medical School: University of Texas at Houston




Meaghan Noud, MD

Hometown: Auburn, California
Undergraduate: University of California, San Diego; Animal Physiology and Neuroscience
Medical School: University of California, Los Angeles




Robert Yawn, MD

Hometown: St. George, South Carolina

Undergraduate: Furman University; Biochemistry
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina



Nicolas-George Katsantonis, MD
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame IN; Bioloyg/Pre-Professional Studies
Medical School: Loyola University of Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, Chicago IL

Christen J. Lennon, MD
Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ
Undergraduate: New York University, New York NY; Biochemistry/History
Medical School: Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York NY


Madeleine Samuelson, M.D., MPH
Hometown:  Galveston, TX
Undergraduate:  University of Texas, Austin [B.A.]/University of Texas School of Public Health [MPH]
Medical School:  University of Texas, Houston

Maria Geraldine Zuniga Manrique, MD
Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico
Medical School: Escuela de Medicina Ignacio A. Santos, Monterrey Mexico


Asitha Jayawardena, MD
Hometown: Redhill, United Kingdom
Undergraduate:  Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter MN; Biology
Medical School: University of Iowa, Iowa City IA; MD/MPH
Charissa Kahue, MD
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Undergraduate: Chaminade University of Honolulu; Biology
Medical School: Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN; MD
Christopher Lord, MD
Hometown: Bristol, TN
Undergraduate: Duke University, Durham NC; Biology/Chemistry
Medical School: University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA; MD
Priyesh Patel, MD
Hometown: London, United Kingdom
Undergraduate: University of Chicago, Chicago IL; Biological Sciences
Medical School: University of Wisconsin, Madison WI; MD
Rod Teasley, JD, MD
Hometown: Athens, GA
Undergraduate: United States Military Academy at West Point, West Point NY; Physics/Philosophy
Graduate:  Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA; JD
Medical School: University of Washington, Seattle WA; MD



Justin Morse, MD

Hometown:   Little Rock, AR

Undergraduate:  Baylor

Medical School:  University of North Carolina



Ashley Nassiri, MD

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA

Undergraduate:  University of California, Berkeley [B.S.]/University of Chicago, Booth School of Business [MBA]

Medical School:  University of Chicago, Pritzker



Justin Shinn, MD

Hometown:  Kalispell, MT

Undergraduate:  University of Montana

Medical School:  University of Washington, Seattle



C. Burton Wood, MD

Hometown:  Nashville, TN

Undergraduate:  Lipscomb University

Medical School:  University of Tennessee, Memphis



David Young, MD

Hometown:  Bishop, CA

Undergraduate:  University of South Carolina

Medical School:  Medical University of South Carolina