Conference Series

The didactic teaching program within the department is quite extensive. Grand Rounds are held weekly, and are presented by residents who develop the presentations with the guidance of the attending physicians and faculty. Morbidity and Mortality conference is carried out monthly, and attendance is required of all residents and faculty members. The bulk of the didactic session occurs on a weekly basis. The schedule gives equal weight to the eight subspecialties of Otolaryngology: facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, laryngology, otology/neurotology, head and neck surgery, basic science studies, allergy and sinus, general otolaryngology and pediatric otolaryngology. During the lectures in each block, there are general lecture topics, as well as one radiology conference, one pathology conference, and one journal club. This allows for a complete understanding of each subspecialty and its nuances. 


A separate Neurotology fellowship didactic session is held for the Neurotology fellowship and is open to all residents who are interested in further learning in this area and able to attend.

Conferences & Lectures