Resident Benefits

Resident Benefits

Vanderbilt Otolaryngology residents are provided benefits through the Office of Medical Graduate Education.

Important Benefits for Otolaryngology Residents Include:

·       Free Parking - garage attached to the childrens hospital; annual cost is payed by Vanderbilt

·       Meals - Every year, a certain amount of money is alotted to residents based on call load ($1000-2000). This money can be used at all food and beverage locations on the Vanderbilt Medical Campus (Options include Au Bon Pain, Baja Fresh Mexican Food, Grill, Salad Bar, Asian and sushi station, Subway, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Ben and Jerrys ice cream and many more)

·       Private Resident On Call Suite - located within the Bill Wilkerson Center, in close proximity to the emergency department and inpatient care areas. In the event of a resident feeling too fatigued to safely return home, transportation service is provided which includes the option to return to the hospital or facility the next day.

·       Health and Disability Benefits

·       Salary and Stipends

·       Health Resources and Excercise Facilities

·       Moonlighting options

·       Support for spouse/partners of residents - this includes social support through the House Staff Alliance and job search assistance