Resident Teaching Conference

An Innovative Approach to Resident Education

 At Vanderbilt, we value education over service and we view this as part of  our mission to train the future leaders in Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery.  In accordance with this vision,  an additional teaching conference, has been created that employs case-method learning.   This methodology is designed to help residents systematically acquire otolaryngology knowledge. The program consists of a weekly conference where residents write cases pertaining to a specific  topic within otolaryngology head-and neck surgery.  The case method represents a paradigm shift from the traditional, instructor-centered model of education to a participant-centered one in which residents play a lead role in their own and each other's learning. The methods serve to facilitate inquiries and open dialogue.  This approach enhances retention and promotes the development of critical analysis,  decision-making,  and judgment. Prior to the session, residents are assigned questions based on Bloom's taxonomy. He/she utilizes the recommended source(s) on the topic prior to the session to promote active discussion. Junior level residents are responsible for the basic science, general anatomy, and physiology questions pertaining to knowledge and comprehension while more senior residents are assigned questions based on application,  analysis, and synthesis of ideas pertaining to the topic .  The two-hour session is devoted to the residents presenting answers to their questions in turn. Each week, an invited faculty member who has experience in the topic is in attendance, but the teaching is generally by each resident as they answer their questions.