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My name is Mary Peterson and I manage the FEL Ambulatory Center as well as Franklin Bone and Joint and Nashville Surgery Center.

Free Electron Laser Surgery - Vanderbilt Orthopedic Surgery Center (FEL)
 The Vanderbilt Outpatient Surgery Center (VOS), Operating Room, Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), and Holding Room serve surgical patients ages ten and over, requiring outpatient surgery.

Scope and Complexity
This area provides elective care in the cases involving conditions requiring Ortho outpatient surgery.
Patients are pre-screened by the Vanderbilt Pre-anesthesia Evaluation Center (VPEC).   The unit consists of four holding rooms and four recovery room slots. There are three operating rooms. The typical flow begins with the preoperative care in the Holding Room. Patients are transferred to the OR for their procedure and then transferred to the PACU for recovery and then to home.


FEL Department Highlights

The primary focus of FEL is outpatient Ortho surgery.

Hours of Operation

7:30-3:00pm Monday through Friday.  The hours of the Holding Room are 6:00am-4:00pm Monday through Friday.  The PACU hours are 7:30am -6:00pm Monday through Friday.

Key Staff

Diane Hickerson- CSL