Mary Ann Meredith- Manager


My name is Mary Ann Meredith and I am the manager for Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery and for the Pulmonary Suite.  We are located on the 3rd floor of the hospital in the main OR. We have a team that consists of 2 charge RNs, 14 RNs, 1 LPN, 10 ORTs, and 2 respiratory therapists.   Also, 4 physician assistants and 5 RN first assistants help us to provide excellent patient care. 

We do approximately 100 elective cardiac cases, 60 thoracic cases, and 100 pulmonary cases in a month.   We also cover emergencies and standby cases for the EP and Cardiac Cath Lab.  We have the privilege here of offering traditional surgery and new procedures like thorascopic ablations and aortic valve replacement without a sternal incision.  We do heart and lung transplants and we also have the ability to implant heart pumps (ventricular assist devices) to support the cardiac patient until a transplant can be performed.

We never close.  Our staff is always available for the patient and surgeon that need us.   Most of our staff have 5 or more years of OR experience.   We pride ourselves in the fact that we do work as a team with the surgeons, perfusion crew, and anesthesia staff to provide the kind of treatment we would want to receive if we were the patient. 

Cardiac Department Highlights

The Cardiac Department provides a wide variety of elective and emergency surgical procedures including:

  • Traditional Cardiac cases
  • Thorascopic ablations
  • Aortic Valve Replacements without sternal incisions
  • Heart and Lung Transplants
  • Heart Pump implants

Hours of Operation

24 hour coverage

Key Staff