Trauma Notes

Trauma Notes for General Surgery

Trauma Notes for General Surgery:

There is a detailed Trauma Room Set Up list on the Side of the Trauma Cart.  It tells you step by step how to set up the room.

Trauma Carts:

Make sure room equipment includes:

Set up includes:

  • Popping pack (Trauma Pack for Lap cases, Vascular Trauma Pack if Vascular)
  • Pack contains approximately 40 laps (1/2 of laps should be rolled and ready to pack)
  • Mayo cover
  • Disposable scalpel
  • Gowns (may want to add regular/additional gowns due to heat)
  • Pull gloves (have extra gloves available – many 7.5 blues gloves)
  • Ties (2-0 and 3-0 Silk)
  • Suture (2-0 and 3-0 Silk- SH Pop-off’s “long”)

Mayo Set Up:

  • Scalpel (number one priority to have ready)
  • 2 suctions
  • Bovie
  • Hemostats and/or Kellys
  • Vanderbilt clamps
  • Kockers
  • Medium debakeys
  • Babcocks x2
  • Allis x2
  • Metz (for everything- no Mayos)


  • Towel off (Chin to Knees)
  • Lap Sheet (or universal drape in bucket if preferred)


  • Medium Ring
  • 2 bladder blades and 2 small right angle blades with ratchets
  • Post, coupling, and bars (Circulator should have rail clear on side of bed)


  • First priority is to get scrub nurse scrubbed in, then foley, Bovie, and prep (when patient comes in the room).
  • Turn on any equipment to warm up (i.e.,bovie, sternal saw)
  • Place razor/tape on top of bovie
  • Place prep items, foley kit, etc. in kick bucket
  • Leave enough sheet to tuck arms if needed
  • Chloraprep from chin to knees, side to side
  • Place bovie pad behind thigh if appropriate (or use Megadyne pad)
  • Facilitate quick time-out (Name of patient, Attending Anesthesia and Surgeon, Procedure)


  • Counts should be done if time allows
  • All Level 1CavityTrauma cases get a post op x-ray (if there is closure) whether count is done or not (high risk patient)
  • Bookwalter and retractor pans are counted in pieces


  • Ties come in pack (2-0, 3-0)
  • Open 2-0 and 3-0 Silk Pop-offs (SH) “long”


  • Surgeon or Anesthesia attending will initiate MTP if needed
  • When ready CT-1 will run for blood
  • MTP will continue until Surgeon or Anesthesia attending cancel

Other Items to have available:

  • Staplers (Green or Blue, 45 or 60) check type and size
  • Chest tubes (usually 36) check size and straight or curved (0-Silk SH to stitch)
  • Pleuravac (NEVER attach to high volume suction device, i.e. Dornoch)
  • Sternal Saw (blade taped on top), or labeled “Trauma Sternal Blade” in core.
  • Vac Pack (Bile Bag, White Towels, 2 #19 Blake drains with grenades, Ioban, and Vi Drape spray)- all items in trauma cart.

Other Resources:

  • Watch Trauma Set up video
  • Review Trauma Room Set-up Guide