Information for Educators

Tennessee Poison Center provides poison prevention outreach to all 95 counties. This program provides information and education to members of the public, health care professionals, educators, industry managers and wrokers, the press, and individuals requesting information or assistance with identifying possible risks within the community resulting from exposure to poisons or hazardous materials.

The major goals of the outreach program are to:

  • Develop community based health and safety programs
  • Develop instructional materials for primary and secondary education
  • Promote the Poison Help hotline service
  • Provide community based poison prevention and intervention programs

 Tennessee Poison Center collaborates with the University of Tennessee Extension to provide poison prevention outreach to all Tennesseans. UT Extension Educators present community based programs and help Tennessee Poison Center spread the message of poison prevention. This collaboration with the UT Extension Educators won a prestigious Frist Foundation Award of Achievement in the Team Building category.

For more information regarding the University of Tennessee Extension and their Be Poison Safe program, please visit their website.