For the Public

Anyone can be a poison victim. Education is the key to poison prevention. Various materials are available for Tennessee residents to learn and help teach poison prevention.

Please call (615) 936-0760 if you would like to order any of the following.

Poison Help brochures in English
Poison Help brochures in Spanish
A tri-fold brochure teaching poison prevention. It includes poison prevention tips, ways to prevent poisonings at home, and how a poison center can help with poison emergencies or information.

Prevent a Poisoning cards in English
Prevent a Poisoning cards in Spanish, Kurdish and Vietnamese 
A two-sided card listing poison prevention for the home.

Inhalants Are Poisons brochures in English
Inhalants Are Poisons brochures in Spanish
A tri-fold brochure that teaches the dangers of inhalant abuse. Especially useful for middle school children and their parents.

Poison Help magnets
Perfect to put on any metal surface, such as a refrigerator as a reminder to call the Poison Help hotline in a poison emergency.

Poison Help phone stickers
Small phone stickers to put on any phone to keep the Poison Help hotline number is a visible location.

Poisonous Plants in English A one page flyer that lists toxic and non-toxic plants in Tennessee.

TPC and Terrorism brochure
A tri-fold brochure about chemical and biological terrorism. It includes, types of biological and chemical agents, how TPC responds, how to prepare your family and what to do if a suspected threat occurs.