Poison Help Hotline
(800) 222-1222

TTY (for hearing impaired)
(615) 936-2047

Administrative Office
(615) 936-0760

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For Health Professionals

Various materials are available for health professionals to educate their patients about poison prevention.

Please call (615) 936-0760 if you would like to order any of the following.

Poison Help brochures in English
Poison Help brochures in Spanish
A tri-fold brochure teaching poison prevention. It includes poison prevention tips, ways to prevent poisonings at home, and how a poison center can help with poison emergencies or information.

Prevent a Poisoning cards in English
Prevent a Poisoning cards in Spanish, Kurdish and Vietnamese 
A two-sided card listing poison prevention for the home.

Inhalants Are Poisons brochures in English
Inhalants Are Poisons brochures in Spanish
A tri-fold brochure that teaches the dangers of inhalant abuse. Especially useful for educators and middle school children and their parents.

Poison Help magnets
Perfect to put on any metal surface, such as a refrigerator as a reminder to call the Poison Help hotline in a poison emergency.

Poison Help phone stickers
Small phone stickers to put on any phone to keep the Poison Help hotline number is a visible location.

Is It Medicine or Candy? poster in English
Demonstrates how closely some medicines resemble candy.