Primary Investigator

Clinical Director

Lab Director


Research and Clinical Consultant

  • Clint Devin, MD

Post Doctoral Research Fellow


Neurosurgery and Orthopedic Surgery Residents

  • Benjamin Weisenthal, MD
  • Jeffrey Hills, MD

Medical Students

  • Joseph Wick, BS
  • Joshua Daryoush, BS
  • Marjorie Butler, BS

Spinal Column Surgical Quality and Outcomes

Research Laboratory

The Spinal Column Surgical Quality & Outcomes Lab aims to improve the neurological outcome, functional capacity, and quality of life of patients undergoing surgical management of traumatic, degenerative, and neoplastic spinal disease. The lab also aims to identify pre- and post-operative variables that influence hospital-based morbidity in an effort to improve patient safety and maximize the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of current treatment paradigms. We achieve these aims by:

  • Utilizing retrospective databases and a prospective patient registry to identify factors associated with in-patient morbidity and cost via statistical modeling.
  • Obtaining long-term patient reported outcome measures to evaluate the comparative effectiveness and cost-utility of various surgical treatments.
  • Determining medical resource utilization, occupational and societal costs, and direct medical costs of various surgical and non-surgical spine treatments.

Swygert Photo

  • Kristin R. Archer, PhD, DPT

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