Primary Investigators (PI's)

Lab Director


Post Doctoral Research Fellow

  • Silky Chotai, M.D.

Neurosurgery and Orthopedic Surgery Residents

Medical Students

  • Andrew Hale, B.S.
  • Harrison Kay, B.S.
  • Joseph Wick, B.S.
  • David Stonko, B.S.

Scott Parker, M.D.

ParkerScott Parker received his medical degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in May 2011 and is currently a second year neurosurgery resident at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Scotts prior research has included comparative effectiveness and cost utility analysis for various types of spinal instrumentation. Scott was recently awarded the Harvey Cushing Medical Student Research Award for his work. His current research interest focuses on comparing minimally invasive versus open techniques utilized in spine surgery and assessing surgical procedures that are most effective and result in the greatest improvement in quality of life for patients with spinal disorders.

Prior to receiving his medical degree, Scott graduated with High Honors from The University of Texas in May 2007, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology with a focus on immunology and human infectious diseases.