What is MR TASTE??? 

MR TASTE (Medical Receptionist Teach And Share To Educate) is a forum designed for all inpatient medical receptionists.  This forum meets on even months of the year from 7:30-8:30am in rotating locations, including VUH, VCH, and the TVC, for the convenience of all.  Invitations are sent with meeting details to the Vanderbilt email global distribution list of medical receptionists.  Topics are generally informatics related but over the years have included other system related issues that impact the entire medical center.  Guests from various departments attend to: 

  • Share Information
  • Obtain Information
  • Request assistance in problem solving

MR TASTE/ComputerTALK has been meeting since 1995 and its attendance has grown over the years and continues to grow.

Click here to access MR TASTE Minutes