1. Staff Who Float to Multiple Units should Change the “Deliver To” site from “Last worked unit” to the unit currently working on. Be sure CHRGS is listed at the end of unit selected.
  2. Can’t Open Materials Mgmt. call Help Desk (3-4357)
  3. Can’t find patient; have you click on MENU then SEARCH FOR PATIENT: Is Patient in Medipac? NO - Call Admitting! If urgently needed, call Service Center.
  4. Can’t find item:  After sorting by item number or description; if still can’t find, call Service Center.
  5. Get error Message: “Your security does not allow you to submit a Requisition without assigning a Patient”.  Click OK, then click on MENU; click on SEARCH FOR PATIENT and find and select patient and resend the template.
  6. System Down – How do you order supplies?  During Downtime, call Service Center.
  7. Commonly used items not on unit’s Requisition: Ask Manager to have the Service Center to add to your template.
  8. Assign the wrong patient to a Requisition:  Click on MENU; click on SEARCH FOR THE CORRECT PATIENT and assign to requisition.
  9. Log out improper way will lose your order!!!  Always used the SIGN OUT link and confirm SIGN OUT.