Teletracking - Frequently Asked Questions


  • How does nursing staff receive access to Teletracking?
    • New nursing employees receive access after completing new employee orientation.  If there are questions about access, please call the HelpDesk at 34(3)-HELP (4357).
  • Where can I find educational resources on Teletracking?
    • Additional resources (including video tutorials can be found on the Systems Support Services website.  Click here to view available resources.
  • When should I use the Teletracking phone system to request a patient transport?
    • Please call the Teletracking phone system when Patient Transport is NOT used to transfer or discharge a patient.  Every effort should be made to use Patient Transport services if applicable to your area/unit.
  • When should I use the Teletracking phone system to request a bed cleaning?
    • If a patient is going to the OR or a procedural area and is not returning to your unit, please call
  • Who do I contact if Patient Transport did not appear to transport a patient after placing a request?
  • My patient's diagnostic procedure has been canceled, how do I address this in the Teletracking System?
    • After searching for the patient, clicking on the red "pending" box and selecting a cancellation code will cancel the request for a transporter.
  • Who do I contact for a STAT bed cleaning?
    • In VUH, please contact the Administrative Coordinator at 835-1018 or 497-2749.
  • What happens if the Teletracking system is unavailable?
    • Call the HelpDesk at 34(3)-HELP (4357) to report any issues with the Teletracking system.  During times where the Teletracking system is unavailable, call the following departments for service requests.
    • Department Phone Numbers:
      • Patient Transport:  818-4432
      • Access Center:  875-4000
      • Environmental Services:
        • VUH:  818-4199
        • VCH:  936-8240
        • VPH:  835-9214
  • What do I do if a patient is discharged without using Patient Transport?
    • The Medical Receptionist/Nurse/Carepartner (who ever removes the patient from the room) will have to call into Bed Tracking to request a Bed Clean (option #3) or Isolation Bed Clean (option #8).

(last revised 4/10/2012)