Nursing Clinical Systems - Tips, Tutorials & Updates

Systems Support Services is committed to providing quality, up-to-date educational resources for clinical staff.  Please select the appropriate links below or in the menu to the left to find educational information on specific applications and procedures.



UPDATE: IT Systems and Processes and New Initiatives - Nursing



New Tab in StarPanel - Clinical Tab 

Nursing Tips and Tutorials:



  • Admin-Rx
  • Care Organizer
  • EasyID Advance - Zebra armband
  • HEO/Wiz
  • HED
  • Materials Management
  • Medipac
  • MLT
  • Preorders - MR/RN
  • StarPanel
  • Teletracking



  • Downtime
  • Plan of Care
  • Tamper Resistant Printer

General Tutorials

  • Anticoagulation Medication Education
  • Blood Product Adminstration
  • How to Put in a Help Desk Ticket without Calling the Help Desk
  • Merge/Correct Medical Records
  • Sending a Secure Email Attachment on a CWS
  • VUH Message Baskets
  • VCH Appointment Scheduling
  • VUNetID-How to Reset Your Password

Priority Problems

Virtual CWS - (VCWS)

  • Black Screen Resolution - Reset VMWare session 8.16.13
  • Printing PD in VCWS 8.16.13
  • Virtual Clinical WorkStation FAQ's 7/23/13
  • Virtual Clinical Workstation Set up Tips 7/23/13
  • Virtual Registration and Smart Card Training 8.14